Inventory Barcode System

Manage your Inventory using Barcodes. Just scan the Code and let Orderhive record details to speed up and automate your Inventory Management Process.

Use Orderhive to quickly record details from your scanned barcodes. Orderhive’s barcode enabled system allows users to sort and manage picking and packing, stock counting, order fulfillment and purchasing. Increase accuracy, efficiency and scalability of your barcode inventory management system with Orderhive.

Why use Inventory Barcode System from Orderhive?

Increase Accuracy

Orderhive’s barcode managed inventory upkeep is far more accurate as compared to other methods of manual inventory management. As compared to human upkeep, barcodes do not suffer from inaccuracies arising from incorrect keystrokes, increasing the accuracy of inventory upkeep by a great degree.

Increase Efficiency

Employing an inventory barcode system leads to manifold increase in efficiency of the inventory management process and the business as a whole. Creating SKUs, or recording UPCs manually consumes a lot of time. A barcode system reduces this time to increase efficiency.

Increase Scalability

Having a barcode scanner inventory software such as Orderhive unburdens you from the worries of scaling your business. No matter, if your business is poised to grow by another 10000 items, a barcode managed inventory control system can take care of that while keeping it scalable and automated at the same time.

Save Costs

A barcode system such as Orderhive will allow you to save a lot on your inventory costs. You can save valuable man hours resulting from automation, scaling, accuracy, and automation that orderhive provides as an efficient barcode inventory management system. Apart from that, barcodes themselves are quite cheap to produce and doesn't cost a penny.

Built for Automation

Orderhive makes your life easier by letting you automate multiple tasks.

Automatic status updates

Automatic status updates

Automatically and instantly update the status of your orders across multiple channels, in real-time. No more going through different platforms to update the same order status, Orderhive does it all for you.

Automatic Amazon MCF

Automatic Amazon MCF

Automatically send orders from your different selling channels to Amazon FBA to get them fulfilled. Create custom rules based on your store, order status, payment status, and order date to automate Amazon MCF. Get notified immediately for any failures or discrepancies. This is Amazon MCF made easy.


Automatic invoicing

Automate your invoice generation. Creates different rules depending on your order status, payment status, store, and order date, to get your invoicing work the way you want it. No more messing around generating orders yourself, this is invoicing the way it should be.