Inventory Control Software

Inventory control software

This is smarter inventory control software for the modern business. Take control of your inventory across multiple channels, fulfillment warehouses, and integrated systems, and stay on top of your business like never before.

We remember the bad old days: using Excel spreadsheets, tripping over human error, the tedious stock takes, the hours spent exchanging files, all that exciting stuff.

With Orderhive, all of that is a thing of the past. Our inventory control system has been designed to automate all your multichannel inventory updates, stock management, multi-warehousing, and more, without you having to lift a finger.


Manage multi-warehousing with ease. Orderhive makes it simple for you to administer different stock policies for your selling channels, based on your product availability in your warehouse and storage locations. Our integrated inventory tracking system tracks your inter-warehouse stock transfers and provides you with quick access to an accurate level of physical stock.

Product barcoding

The Orderhive stock management system gives you an easier way to manage your inventory using unique barcodes. Generate your own unique barcodes and use them to search your inventory, create orders and purchase orders, and ensure that you’re shipping the right order to the right customer.

Multi store pricing

Manage your product prices across multiple stores, from one centralized location. Orderhive gives you more control over your product pricing, allowing you to easily adjust your pricing for retail, wholesale, and different customer groups.

Product details

Take the headache out of managing your product information. With Orderhive, you can sync all your product details across all your selling channels at the click of a button, across 40+ eCommerce platforms, POS software, and 5+ marketplaces.

Back ordering and pre-ordering

Backordering or pre-ordering is an essential function for businesses like drop shipment, manufacturers, or custom producers. Orderhive lets you easily configure your inventory for back ordering and reporting, to help you get your orders sorted quickly and efficiently.

Built for Automation

Orderhive makes your life easier by letting you automate multiple tasks.

Automatic stock updates

Whenever you make a sale, Orderhive’s multi channel inventory tracking software instantly updates your stock levels across all your integrated channels. No waiting, no more stock-outs or overselling, your information is updated in real-time.

Low stock alerts

Never run out of stock again with automatic low-stock alerts. Simply set your stock threshold, and Orderhive will notify you when you’re getting low on stock.

SKU mapping

Orderhive lets you map individual product SKUs across all your selling channels, giving you an easier way to keep on top of your stock, product pricing, and item location. Forget linking or mapping products individually—Orderhive does it all for you.

Stock audits made easy

Audit your stock from one centralized platform with our stock management system.

Stock change logs

Stock change logs allow you to keep track of any change to your product SKUs, so you always know how your inventory is looking.

Price change logs

Get the history of each one of your products across all your different channels. See who changed the price, and why.

Manage a range of different product types

Simple products

A simple product is a physical item with a single SKU. Basically, this is every product you sell.

Products with variants

A single product with configurable, customizable variant options.

Bundled products

A bundled product lets your customers “build their own” from an assortment of product options.

Mergeable products

Mergeable products are all the same product that have different SKUs, but centralized stock.