A feature-full inventory Management System for modern businesses

Orderhive is a cloud based inventory management system made to sync your purchases, inventory, marketplaces, orders, and to track entire product movement from warehouse to end-customer. It is an answer to all your WHERE-WHAT-WHEN-WHICH-HOW for taking smarter business decisions.

Comes a day when you realize that your business needs that extra thrust. And that you think of creating your own inventory rules or having a distinctive workflow. A customized inventory management system is certainly the solution.

Orderhive Plus is a dedicated inventory management system that can be crafted to fit your maturing business needs. Orderhive Plus is all about your choice and our inventory management software expertise.

Inventory Rule of Your Choice

Looking to set up complex inventory rules and not finding any solutions? Do not worry. With Orderhive plus you can set up whatever inventory rule you want.

Custom Order Workflow

Orderhive Plus allows you to create your desired order management and fulfilment workflow for you to efficiently run your business.

Custom Integrations

You can request any integration of your choice. Orderhive Plus will connect with the API of your chosen integration request and have it running.

Purchase Workflow

Many businesses are built around a complex purchase order workflow and warehouse rules that standard systems may not provide. But Orderhive Plus will!