Benefits of Inventory Management Software

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Keep inventory levels optimized at all times

With Orderhive’s Inventory Management software cut the guesswork and accurately track incoming and outgoing inventory levels. Know what sells and what does not, and practically never reach low-stock, no-stock or over-stock situations. Take smart purchasing decisions using real-time insights.

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Centralized inventory visibility and actions

View, manage and synchronize your entire inventory across all sales channels, warehouses, 3PLs, dropshippers, and FBA distribution centers from a unified and single-view platform. Keep your online inventory in tandem with the offline.

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Minimize inventory management costs

Cut down inventory storage and carrying costs, and make your inventory move faster off the shelves, eliminating any little scope of spoilage. Just-in-time stock management helps you rightly determine and track stock across the supply-chain.

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Automate manual tasks and save time

Save both, the time and effort needed to manage stock manually. With a collaborative and automated system in action, avoid unnecessary back-and-forth run and tracking errors, but rather have inventory data regularly updated on your devices.

Features of Orderhive Inventory Management Software

Simplified Product editing feature

Simplified product management

Whether you have one SKU or thousands, one store or multiple, manage them easily from a single virtual storage dashboard

  • Complete product catalog management
  • Create and manage simple, variant & bundled products
  • Multiple pricing options for marketplaces & customers
  • Bulk import and export product information
  • Generate and print product barcodes
  • Location-based inventory management
  • Smart product categorization and tagging
  • Assign one or more supplier to each product
to the point inventory visibility feature

To-the-point inventory visibility

Track where your stock is, what’s been committed to whom and what is due to arrive in real-time and real numbers

  • Online and offline inventory sync
  • Multi-channel sales orders and inventory sync
  • Push stock quantity across channels
  • Automated inventory rules - FIFO
  • Multiple tagging options
  • Serial, batch & expiry management
  • Link products to manage the same stock level
  • Manage multi-warehouses, Amazon FBA & 3PL
Just in time inventory management feature

Just-in-time operations

Reduce every little risk of overselling and underselling with a sharp eye on every incoming or outgoing inventory

  • Low-stock and out-of-stock alerts
  • Set reorder levels for each product
  • Automated PO creation
  • Stock count form
  • Picking, packing, and shipping items from a warehouse
  • Reorder backordered products
  • Quick stock adjustment
  • Quick price adjustment
Real-time inventory reports feature

Real-time inventory reports

Stay steps ahead of the game and make the most practical business decisions based on accurate inventory reports

  • Inventory audit reports
  • Inventory movement summary
  • COGS management
  • Low stock/out-of-stock/deadstock report
  • Backordered inventory report
  • Inventory valuation report
  • Inventory price history/last purchase price report
  • Purchase history
Businesses who actively manage their inventory report a 50%* reduction in lead times

Integrate everything that your business needs

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Orderhive do?

Orderhive is a user-friendly, fast inventory management software. It shows real-time data about your inventory status. With Orderhive, every piece of your inventory will be accounted for. It will also track your goods from the moment an order is received, its journey through the supply chain until it leaves the warehouse for shipping.

What are the Pricing plans in Orderhive?

Orderhive offers multiple pricing plans that you can choose from, according to your organization’s requirements and budget. You can also opt for Orderhive Plus to get customized workflows and processes.

What are the advantages of using Orderhive?

Here’s what makes Orderhive the best inventory management software for large and small businesses

  • Simplified Inventory Management
  • Increased profitability
  • Higher Productivity and Efficiency
  • Avoid overstocking and understocking
  • Real-time inventory updates

Does Orderhive offer a trial?

Yes. Orderhive offers a 15-day free trial for all newcomers. All you have to do is sign up, create your Orderhive account and you’re ready to go.

How do you know Orderhive is for you?

Orderhive will be a great fit for e-commerce merchants, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs or any other businesses that are plagued by inventory issues or need to automate their inventory management process.

Why is it important to have an inventory management software in place?

Modern sellers don’t just sell on a single channel anymore. Selling on multiple marketplaces, your online store and/or brick & mortar store can be cumbersome but also be prone to errors due to too much information. With an inventory management software, you can achieve complete and real-time visibility of your stock, it’s movement across channels, all under a centralized platform.

Why is Orderhive a great choice for businesses of all size and scale?

A smart eCommerce Inventory Management Software takes resolves all of the merchant’s problems such as overstocking, understocking, manual data entry, inaccurate inventory count and others. By utilizing Orderhive, you can tackle all these issues as Orderhive connects all sales platforms together.

This allows them to keep track of all the orders coming into their store through their e-commerce platforms (i.e.: Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and etc), the inventory across their warehouses, as well as what items are being shipped out – all in real-time. Orderhive Plus, our customized version provides tailored workflows and processes according to the needs of any type of business.