What is Inventory Management Process?

A good process provides you good results. It is primarily the process that makes you end right where you are meant to be at the right time. So is true for the inventory management process.

A right and modern approach will enable you to manage your inventory, orders, shipping, returns in such a way that you will be able to track your items easily and efficiently at any given point.

Inventory Management Processes

There are primarily two popular processes for managing inventory. Gone are the days when everything was handled on pen and paper! Technology has allowed us to record all the important data in easy to access digital ways.

Let us take a look at them in detail here:

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Managing Inventory on Excel Sheet

“Tracking your inventory can become a complicated task if it’s not managed properly with a proper tool.”

Spreadsheets are the simplest way to manage your inventory and related data like stock, sales, purchases, orders, suppliers, and basic level reports for free!

With the help of advanced mathematical capacity, excel sheets can comfortably be used to organize and operate different aspects of inventory and business management with ease. You can also use excel with other apps to get through challenging situations in business that require exceptional calculation skills.

Create group sheets, use filter search results, and get the information on the changes in inventory instantly. It’s pretty much easy to figure out the flaws and correct them quickly without wasting much time and money.

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Inventory Management Software

As mentioned earlier, inventory is the backbone of any commodity business, and therefore, managing it properly becomes important.

Using excel sheets for inventory management is a fair process for small businesses with limited products but what when you expand your business and start selling online?

You need a better tool for obtaining accurate inventory count, stock taking, tracking the inventory in real-time, locating inventory, managing orders, shipping and receiving the orders, etc. that’s when it is crucial to use inventory management software.

Inventory management software is efficient in not just handling inventory-related tasks but it can automate the entire eCommerce operations process. You can conveniently manage back-end operations of selling your products across multiple channels, multiple locations, and in multi-currency by using one single software.

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