Just launched: Shipping refunds, FedEx SmartPost integration, and more

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of new features and integrations that sellers can use to optimize their back-end processes, and save during the upcoming holiday season.

Shipment Refunds

We now support shipping refunds. In case you want to refund a shipment, you can raise a request from Orderhive. The request will be automatically marked as “Refunded” or “Rejected” based on what your shipping provider decides. “Raise a refund request” option is available in the “Actions” dropdown under the “Shipment Label” tab on sales order detail page.

Shipment Refund

Here’s what you need to know about this feature:

– You can only raise a refund request provided the shipment is not scanned by the shipping provided, or included on a Scan Form.

– Refund request will have 3 statuses – Submitted, Refunded, & Rejected. Once you raise a request, the status will be submitted. Once the shipping company approves the request and refunds the money, the status will be marked as Refunded. In case your request is disapproved by shipping company, the status will be marked as Rejected.

– It generally takes more than 14 days to get a refund. However, the process will depend on your carrier.

Single click shipment

We understand ways that could save time in the daily business activity tops the priority list of our users. That’s why we are constantly introducing new features to help them. To further enhance the shipment creation process, we’ve introduced two new options.

1 – Ship & Print label
2 – Ship & Download label

In addition to creating a new shipment, this will allow you to either print or download label automatically without having to select it separately.

Print Label

FedEx SmartPost

Orderhive has launched integration with FedEx SmartPost, a popular Shipping Software For Small Business who are looking for a cost-effective means that can accommodate low-weight packages to residential customers. This integration works all our other shipping integrations. Once you connect your SmartPost account in Orderhive, you can check shipping rates in real-time, print labels, and track packages.

FedEx SmartPost

Sync of inventory weight & unit from channels

Orderhive will now also sync inventory weight and unit from channels. Weight is synced from BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and CS-Cart. While, weight and the unit (Kg, Pounds, etc.), both will get synced from Etsy and Shopify. This will help you to estimate the package weight when you create a shipment in Orderhive.

Shipment Presets

This new feature will enable you to pre-fill values of shipments. To set up, click on “Presets” under Account Settings menu. Shipping presets are a great way to automatically populate shipping options like package type, weight, warehouse, and shipping method to your orders quickly.

Shipment Preset

Improved Product Merge feature

Earlier users had to select the base product and then the products that need to be merged. After that, add those products one by one to the base product. However, from now you won’t need to merge product one by one, but, you can select all the products that need to be merged at one go and then merge with the base product.

Merge Products

How LUFiS INC. uses product merge feature to centralize inventory across eBay stores

Sachio Kawasaki, founder of LUFiS INC. says, “Due to lack of a multi-channel inventory management system, I was maintaining different stock level on my eBay sites. This was affecting our cash flow.”

He added, “This was a tough issue to handle. I was terrified by the idea of manually checking SKUs of each product and mapping them within my eBay channels to maintain a single SKU for each product . With Orderhive’s product merge feature, I can easily link products that has common inventory. Since then, I have been able to optimize my inventory.”

Get started

If you’re an existing Orderhive user, start using all these awesome features today. Login to your account and get started.

For those who are looking to streamline inventory and order management, Orderhive might just be the perfect solution. Click here to grab a 15-day free trial now.

Megha Vishnoi

Megha Vishnoi

Megha is a Marketing Enthusiast who began her stint in Orderhive with lot of zest. She brings out offbeat marketing ideas with a touch of simplicity. In her spare time, she enjoys writing about life in general.

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