Fulfill hazmat orders with Label Master integration

Connect with Label Master on Orderhive for all your hazmat shipment requirements. You can ship hazardous materials, download hazmat shipping papers and validate the hazardous shipments using this integration.

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Shipping paper generation for printing

Orderhive generates shipping paper by pulling all the data of the shipment from the system while pulling all the shipment material related data from Label Master. A generated PDF file contains all the shipping details in a format that is ready-to-print on the UPS or FedEx shipping paper.

Validate shipping data

With Label Master integration, Orderhive can easily connect to hazmat shipping policies and validate the shipping data such as weight of the product, check whether correct UNID and packaging are selected, the packaging material is as per requirement etc. If there is any error then you can detect it from Orderhive itself.

Generate End-Of-the-Day shipping certificate

You can take a look at all the hazmat shipments done during the day with the EOD certificate generated on Orderhive. The EOD certificate or shipping manifest contains particulars of all the shipped goods throughout the day and it is in a printable format for your further usage.

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