Last-Minute advice that can help sellers reduce Bounce rate and Holiday returns

Considering the upcoming busy days of the year, I’m sure many sellers are already on their feet to ensure they are able to perform well and make the best out of the Holiday Season 2016.

Shoppers from across the globe would like to make purchases for their favourite products and also send gifts to their friends and family during those special days.

I have already covered about Upcoming Holidays 2016, facts and and fashion for sellers that could online business owners gain insights about factors to influence shoppers based on the past Holiday history. However, where there is a sale there will always be returns!

Therefore, I have decided to come up with the blog that may not help sellers eliminate returns, however, can ensure they are able to avoid such costly scenarios due to lack of information while making purchase decisions.

Effective practices that can help sellers reduce Holiday returns

Shoppers will surely get encouraged to make online purchases by the deals that sellers offer during the holiday season; however, in the case of not receiving products as per their needs may automatically add on returns rate and unsatisfied customers for the brand.

How can sellers reduce their returns rate during the Holiday season?

Tip 1- Ensure shoppers are able to get the correct product in landing page

When shopping online, many people will look up for their favourite products using relevant keywords in popular search engines. This is where; sellers may overlook the importance of considering the relevancy of content when shoppers are diverted to their landing page.

For example: A shopper may be looking to purchase a “television set in black colour,” and with the help of SEO tactics and marketing efforts your product may show up in the list. However, not ensuring the same product (black colour) or the search specific detail on the landing page may increase chances of returns from all those shoppers who may have missed out on specific product information related to their purchase.

For shoppers who spot the error, may immediately leave your site and jump to one of your competitors for making their Holiday purchases.

What sellers can do?

Sellers may try a number of tactics to ensure their products and deals are visible to Holiday shoppers, however, not being able to maintain content relevancy in product listing page (landing page) can increase the chances of returns from all those shoppers who may immediately place an order in an excitement to receive/send their products at the earliest.

Therefore, ensuring click-through URLs are affiliated with the same requirements looked-up by shoppers in search engines can help sellers reduce the number of bounce rates and returns for their online selling brand.

Tip 2-Ensure shoppers are able to access complete product information in engaging ways

Sellers may already be aware of the density of returns due to wrong size or wrong product delivered. Such scenarios may mostly arise due to insufficient product information that is offered by sellers on the product purchase page.

For example: If you selling clothing and accessories, shoppers will want to ensure they receive the correct size and product that intended to purchase or gift. Simply using manufacturer’s product information and offering basic size details like “small,” “medium,” “large,” “X- Large,” or even “XX- Large” can leave holiday shoppers with limited information who may then take a guess and place the order ensuring they don’t miss on those special holiday deals.

With a number of brands getting innovative in allowing access to product information, unsatisfied shoppers may stop themselves from placing an order in a fear to receive or gift wrong products.

What sellers can do?
Product image, product description, product features, product size are all important factors considered by shoppers while making a purchase decision. Sellers who still continue with the standard product description format should think of adopting innovative methods that can allow shoppers themselves engage and make their own purchase decisions.

Allowing shoppers an opportunity to access product information via videos, image content and self-selective sizing guide can stop them from jumping to another site and ensure they are always able to make correct purchase decisions, avoiding the chances of returns and reduce Bounce rate.

Tip 3- Ensure shoppers are able to instantly connect with your brand

Stuck with the above two points, shoppers may still like to stick with a brand if their holiday deals sound best for them. However, unable to receive immediate help in making their purchase decisions may force them either to make a wrong purchase or leave the brand.


For example: If you are selling internationally, many shoppers may get attracted to your special holiday offers, however, for those who are not satisfied with the product information would expect they are able to clear confusions about making purchases from your brand.

Allowing such shoppers ability to instantly gain access to information will automatically stop them from leaving your brand or, even worst make wrong decisions and increase returns rates.

What sellers can do?

Ensuring 24*7 calls or chat support can help sellers an opportunity to hold back lost shoppers to their site for continuing with their holiday purchases. However, at the same time, it becomes important for sellers to ensure they are able to accommodate every shopper’s concern in time.

Tip 4- Ensure shoppers are offered delivery status information

Shoppers from across the globe would like to receive their favourite products and send gifts to their loved ones during the upcoming holiday season. Not keeping them in a loop with their purchase order delivery status will make them fear of not being able to receive or send gifts in time.

For example: Holiday shoppers may place orders to ensure they are able to send their gifts and wishes to the ones they are unable to meet. However, with no communication during the fulfilment process can increase curiosity among shoppers.

Not being able to keep your customer’s in line with their order delivery status may automatically encourage them to call for cancellation.

What sellers can do?

Shipping software can be a great help to fill the gap between sellers and shoppers during fulfillment process, as it allows business owners to connect with excellent shipping services that offer real-time shipping updates of products out for delivery. Being able to track order delivery status, sellers can quickly communicate with their customers and ensure they are going to receive their product.

Tip 5- Ensure shoppers are delivered with their products/gifts in time

Last, but not the least holiday shoppers would not like their purchases and gifts to be delivered after the promised dates, especially for those who plan their purchases and expect it to be delivered during those major holidays.

santa claus

For example: Many shoppers would expect their gifts reach on Christmas and New Year eve. However, with the rush of orders during those days there may chances of order fulfillment delay in some cases.

If shoppers don’t receive their holiday purchases in time may get annoyed and refuse to accept their order, and, in worst cases request for a complete refund too.

What sellers can do?

With an order management software sellers can quickly sync their multiple sales orders coming from different channels at one place making it easy to prioritize fulfillment as per the urgency of each order and connect with popular shipping solution that best matches their customer’s delivery needs.

Sellers who want to save themselves from annoyed customers due to delay in delivery, by following the point number 4 can help them get a chance to convince their customers and take measures to deliver their purchases as soon as possible.

Wrapping up

Returns cannot be eliminated; however, focusing on the upcoming busiest selling days of the year considering the above measures can surely hold back Holiday shoppers from increasing returns rate for your online selling business.

Happy Holidays 🙂

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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