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Last-Minute promotion ideas to skyrocket your Christmas sales

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2016 recording an increase in sales from 1 billion and 1.6 billion to 1.2 and 1.97 billion, retail business has surely increased its demand online.

If you are still struggling to attract eyes towards your store, the Holiday Season is still going on in The United States and will end right after New Year’s Eve.

image 11

Christmas is one of the most popular Holidays of the year, which is just around the corner, so why not focus on effective promotional tactics from today to increase the number of Christmas sales for you store.

Firstly, let’s take a look at Christmas Promotional tactics from leading brands

The Body Shop allows shoppers to easily spot Christmas trending products by offering a specific gift section for all age group and budget.


NORDSTROM partnership with “Like2Buy” is helping mobile shoppers’ ability to access a grid of shoppable Christmas gifts.


MACY’S “Friend” promo code is allowing Holiday shoppers monetary purchases benefits on best selling gifts for themselves and their family members.


How can you influence customer’s towards your eCommerce store this Christmas?

Christmas being an auspicious festival in The United States and across the globe, you can expect increase in sales opportunities only of you allow customers to do so?

3 steps to boost your Holiday sales:-

1- Create an urge in your product category descriptions

You might be offering the best seasonal/gifting products; however, the way you present them will determine the conversion rates for your store.

John Lewis has combined multiple products in their multiple categories with a personalized description for each.

John Lewis

What do you learn?

Offering products in bulk of relevant usage or gifting purpose and creating categories with valuable description to could match the customer’s Holiday needs, can encourage them to take action on-the-go.

What you can do?

Focusing on keywords and personalization in your category descriptions, you can help shoppers save time and select their Christmas gifts with confidence.

2- Make it easy to shop your products

Next, holiday shoppers will not like to visit the store that does not allow them to use your special discount codes and make purchases at their own convenience.

J.Crew mobile site got a makeover recently  making it a fast-responding and streamlined site for mobile shoppers.


What do you learn?

With eMarketer predicting U.S. retail mCommerce sales to increase by 43.2% in 2016, you can automatically improve your sales opportunities during Christmas and further Holidays.

What you can do?

Making you store mobile-optimized is not enough, however, constantly sending Holiday alerts and allowing customers to save your discount codes/offers for their Christmas and Holiday purchases can automatically make them make purchases from your store to enjoy special benefits throughout the season.

3- Keep consumers engaged throughout the season

Lastly, to encourage customers to make their Christmas purchases from your store, you need to ensure they cling to your site until those major holidays.

WILLIAMS-SONOMA allows their customers a chance to save money on their future purchases by signing up for their email subscription.

Williams -Sonoma

What do you learn?

Email marketing can be the most cost-effective and result-oriented promotional tool for Holiday season. And, encouraging more subscribers you can easily be in constant touch with customers alerting them with upcoming special deals and keep them engaged with your brand.

What you can do?

Having contact management software will make it easy and quick to understand your customer’s shopping preferences, therefore, targeting them with relevant Christmas offers and discounts may want them to stick with your store for taking benefits in purchasing their favourite products/gifts on that day.

Final Note

25th December, one the upcoming major selling days of the year you would not like to be lost in the crowd!

Implementing the above promotion ideas can surely help you enhance your store visibility for Christmas Day and beyond Holiday season 2016.

Merry Christmas in advance and all the best 🙂

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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