Automate communication with emailing lists created in MailChimp by adding Orderhive customers using triggers set as per choice. Emails are sent automatically when triggered by a subscriber's activity, or a preset condition that's tailored to your goals.

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Import Orderhive contacts to MailChimp list

This automation helps you to add new Orderhive customers to a MailChimp list that you choose, so you can easily manage your email workflows and stay connected with your customers as needed.

Add and update Mailchimp lists of choice

Create mailing lists, that could be your customers or the set of suppliers. You can also update existing contacts or add new users automatically, and communicate with different lists through MailChimp.

Create email workflows for Orderhive customers

Plan and send email campaigns through automation to everyone or anyone from the subscribed email list. Reach out for any marketing communication, policy or address change or new product launch.

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