Marketing For Holiday Season: Sooner The Better

Online shoppers are always excited about holiday sales, and as per National Retail Federation non-store holiday sales, which is an indicator of online and e-commerce sales, grew 6.8 percent to $101.9 billion.

With this above facts and figures, do you have a marketing calendar for your holiday season 2015? Are your promotional campaigns scheduled, product listing updated, homepage designed, etc. Sooner the better!

This blog will share you reasons why you need to plan well in advance that will help you avoid costly scenarios which directly affects the bottom line for any retail business.

What are the benefits of marketing in advance- for holiday season?

1- Create an excitement

Holiday sales always excites people, as they look forward to shop for some of the cheapest and best deals offered by retailers once in a while. Keeping this in mind, creating a schedule and targeting your customers with some attractive and personalized information, will encourage them to stick with your brand and make purchases from you during upcoming holiday season.

Trick: Organizing a competition, you can encourage more and more people to engage with your brand. They will do it for two purpose, one to avail the benefits of winning the competition, as well as, to take an advantage of purchasing the best deals offered by you during holiday season. Encouraging people to engage with your brand much in advance, will help you increase numbers of customer base and revenue for your retail business.

2- Know what products and services are in demand

If your holidays sales include product and services as per customer’s needs, you can make the most out of holiday seasons. But how? Collecting ideas about what people want and how can you improve their expectations will help offer the best of the best during holiday season.

Trick: Running a feedback marketing campaign prior to holiday season, will earn you direct voice of people. This way, it becomes easy to offer products and services that are in trend , which in turn, will increase sales for your retail business during holiday season.

3- Avoid shortage of stock

It creates a bad impression if you are unable to fulfill your customer’s sales orders during holiday season, because leaving other deals and offers from your competitors they have selected your brand to make purchases.Inappropriate inventory levels is the main reasons for such ugly situations. Having sufficient products for the holiday season is a must to boost sales and customer service for your business.

Trick: Adopting a multichannel inventory management system, will not only help maintain accurate inventory levels, but also, gives you insights of your best selling products and channels, ensuring you make better decisions and avoid stock issues during holiday season.

In Closing

Holiday season will surely bring traffic to your store, as most of the people prefer to shop then. However, focusing on the above points will make it easy to prepare well and provide utmost customer service in the way they would like it.


Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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