Modern Product Discovery Platforms and how retailers can benefit?

Digital platforms are surely helping consumers from across the globe, to search for information and make purchases on-the-go.

But, what If I say many consumers are experiencing next-level shopping experience over Product Discovery Platforms that is allowing them to gain immediate access to products that are of their choice and get familiar with brands that they may not have come across over other promotional platforms.

Product Discovery Platforms, is your brand on it?

For many who have heard about Product Discovery Platforms, but still not having a presence on it may continue reading this blog to understand the benefits.

Product Discovery Platforms that can inspire retailers

This is not something new, and I’m sure many retail brands are already churning better results from their selling business via popular Discovery Platforms. However, with multiple options available online, retailers may get confused as to which platform can help them generate the potential audiences.

To make it easy, below are some of the most influential Discovery Platforms that is making it easy to connect with consumers who are constantly looking for the most-trusted products and brands online.

1- Wooplr- Target fashionistas

This can be a good example for fashion retailers, as it not only allows consumers to stay updated with the latest trends but also, offers content that could inspire and encourage them to always be there and get to know more about their favourite products.


How does it help customers?
Apart from updating the site with the latest fashion, Wooplr encourages style icons/fashion bloggers to be a part of their platform for sharing their unique outfits and tips to match consumer’s style-quotient.

What do you learn?
Fashion fades with time; therefore having your products present on such Discovery Platforms can help you make the best out of all your seasonal collections, as well as, ensure an accurate inventory management process for your selling business.

2- BzzAgent- Social attraction

Another innovative Discovery Platform, BzzAgent is helping consumers to Try Products and share their experiences too. Offering consumers a quick questionnaire to know about their preferences, this platform then targets them with relevant products increasing more and more “BzzAgents” for selling brands.

Bzz Agent

How does it help customers?
Word-of-mouth and reviews are surely helping consumers increase trust for shopping from growing brands, therefore, the information offered over such platforms is looked up by potential consumers who always make purchases based on true experiences.

What do you learn?
A strong brand value over the web will eliminate the risks of consumers to have a second thought in their mind; therefore, having an opportunity to spread awareness about your products over this platform can help you attract influential buzz builders for your selling brand with time.

3- Swaggable- Grocery and household items

This Discovery Platform is allowing consumers a chance to receive their favorite products for free by simply clicking on the “Want it” button available on every product page. Offering consumers ability to use their favorite products without having to pay for it, this platform can automatically help you generate good reviews for your products.


How does it help customers?
Swaggable members who share their reviews get exclusive discounts on their future purchases, however, consumers are also sent invites to try free sample products from 500+ brands currently available on the platform.

What do you learn?
Encouraging consumers to engage with your brand in return for their favourite products can help you generate improved social impression. Therefore, having your products visible on this platform will automatically excite potential audience to like your products in an effort to win a chance to receive it for free.

4- Influenster- Be there on their mobile

This Discovery Platform is more engaging, as it allows consumers to discover new products, read beauty news, watch tutorials, make purchases, as well as, share their favorite products on popular social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn too.


How does it help customers?
Instead of having to switch over multiple sites and browsing tabs over the web, Influenster is allowing consumers an all-in-one shopping experience from their smartphones and desktop. And, with increasing number of reviews for your products, consumers can have more information avoiding confusions while making a purchase decision for their favourite products.

What do you learn?
Having your products available on this platform, you can easily expect them to be a part of influencing educational source like Sneak Peek collection, last minute seasonal guide, and new collection too which are now highly recommended by consumers who shop online.

5- Shopzilla- Explore multiple product categories

Offering a wide range of categories to discover multiple products, this platform can be considered as a valuable search engine that makes it easy for consumers to find products by department, categories, as well as, sizzling hot deals and automatically directs them to the brand’s website.


How does it help customers?
Considering major holidays and special occasion, like me many other consumers are confused about what to purchase or gift. This is where; Shopzilla makes it easy for them allowing access to thousands of products from hundreds of brands at one place.

What do you learn?
Having an ability to showcase multiple products in such discovery platforms will automatically increase chances of your brand becoming familiar among the potential audiences, who in turn, may directly land on your site for their future purchases.

Wrapping up

Getting your product line available in front of potential consumers via your website and social media platforms may be time-consuming, so why not add their presence over the above-mentioned platforms to boost brand awareness, as well as, sales opportunities?

Good Luck!!

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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