New Features: Inventory log, order synchronization status check, instant shipping insurance coverage, enhanced shipstation feature and much more

We have got a long list of updates this time, the focus of these updates is to enhance your ability to manage your inventory, orders, and shipments.

Feature Highlights

  • Inventory movement tracking
  • Order synchronization tracking
  • Flexibility to create & ship orders within Shipstation
  • Instant shipping insurance coverage
  • Advanced currency converter
  • Usage alert
  • Houzz  integration
  • Etsy new API integration

Advanced Inventory management & control capabilities

The internal movements of stock can be difficult to manage when it involves items on the shop floor and in the warehouses. If the inventory is not updated with respect to the stock movements, it’s impossible to have an accurate idea of the actual stock availability.

Orderhive has thus come up with new enhancement on the inventory management front which will help you keep track of the stock movement and provides instant access to accurate information on stock level across all your warehouses.

Detail insight of inventory data in one glance

Find out at one glance the actual stock level & location of your inventory across all the warehouses. Easily sort filter and get a complete data of your inventory like its pricing detail, suppliers details, product images, inventory transaction details from a single dashboard.


Track your inventory movements with real-time transaction history

With occurrence of any inventory movements, Orderhive tracks “the stock quantity change” and logged it in the “Inventory Log Page“. The inventory movements happen when the warehouse stock quantity is updated or when an order has been shipped from or received in the Orderhive back-end.  The inventory log page let you view the exact reason for the stock update and reflects the accurate physical stock quantity against its warehouse.


New capabilities empowering commerce and retail companies to streamline and optimize sales order & purchase order transaction.

 Order status synchronization report – Transaction Sync Notes

Orderhive has introduced an “order status synchronization report” which verifies that any order status change event in Orderhive is synchronized with your selling channel. If the order status has been synchronized the order sync status will show “Success” whereas if the order sync has failed it will show the “Failure” as the status.


Easy navigation to view product information on selling channels

We now provide a “Product link ” on the inventory page, which once pressed directs you to the “product detail page” listed on your respective selling channel

This feature allows easy navigation to users who need an instant view of product information listed on their selling channels from Orderhive.


Expand button to view product details with each sales entry

We now provide a “View product ” button with each sales order entry resided in the Orderhive back-end, which once pressed shows the details of the products that the customer has ordered.


 Add personal note with sales order and purchase order template

If there any specific instructions that you like to give to your concern parties like suppliers, customers or shipping providers, Orderhive now provides a special “note section” on the sales order and purchase order template, where you can input instruction or remarks for the concerned party.


More flexibility for Shipstation users, create orders, generate labels within the shipstation system

Sync shipping details of Split Orders or Combine Orders within Shipstation

Orderhive enables its users to create shipments within Shipstation which mean they now have instant access to all the leading US based shipping carriers which Shipstation offer. With ShipStation, you can process and print hundreds of labels in a single batch or you can print labels for individual orders by splitting the orders. Print pick lists, packing slips, and labels easily and quickly to either your local printer or any printer in the world!

Create labels for bulk orders


Create labels for individual order


Shipping Insurance

Insure your package while creating shipments in Orderhive

If your package is lost, damaged, or stolen in transit, shipping insurance will ensure that your package is covered. Orderhive let you purchase instant shipping insurance coverage for your packages from its back-end.

The insurance amount is either charged at a standard fee of 1% of the insured amount or a minimum amount of $1 is charged. The insurance fee will be directly deducted from the user’s wallet, the user can also see the insurance fee from the shipment listing page and have access to transaction history for insurance charges.


Advanced currency converter

Auto currency converter – Estimate the base value of foreign currency transactions with Orderhive

Estimate the base value of foreign currency transactions with Orderhive. Having done the transaction in one currency you may want to estimate how much it costs in your own currency. With Orderhive automatic currency converter, you can convert any currency into your base currency value. Common exchange rate scheduler periodically retrieves the current exchange rate of the currency and perform the conversion with that value.

Enhanced billing & subscription flexibility

Usage alerts

Our usage alerts will help you keep track of what you have used, from the “billing and subscription” window you can regularly review the usage. We have kept a limit on the no. of orders that you can process from Orderhive, so if you happen to exceed the limit on the no. of orders, Orderhive will charge a nominal fee of $10 for every 100 additional orders.


Our new integrations

Houzz Integration

Orderhive integration with Houzz marketplace enables automatic synchronization of inventory, orders & customers updates, which help you save ample amount of man-hours and at the same time increase your seller score.

Etsy Integration – New API

Etsy now gives you the ability to add quantity, price, and SKU to your product variations. Orderhive reintegration with Etsy’s latest platform, enable you to gain better control over your inventory & allows you to sync all your incoming Etsy orders in one centralized system.

Ready to see the above features in action? Login to your Orderhive account. If you’re new to Orderhive and curious to see what it offers, create your 15-day free trial account.

Dhwani Shah

Dhwani Shah

I am a content marketing professional at Orderhive, a multichannel inventory management & shipping software that enables online sellers to streamline and automate back-end processes.Previously, I worked as a Marketing professional for a tech startup. With a strong understanding of technology, I comprehend the workflow of a system in no time.

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