New features: Improved shipping rate calculator, ShipStation integration changes, UI changes, and more

Recently, we at Orderhive, have come up with a lot of enhancements and workflow changes, all aimed at reducing the Holiday season madness and increasing business efficiency in 2017 and beyond.

Here we are with more changes that are bound to save you time.

Improved Shipping Rate Calculator

Orderhive has enhanced Shipping rate calculator with more relevant fields that will help you get rates seamlessly and more quickly.

Shipping rate calculator

Also, the calculator is added on the Add Shipment page. The details already entered while creating shipment like package, weight, etc. will automatically get populated in the Calculator.


“Remarks” field in “Amazon MCF” tab

We’ve added a Remarks field in Amazon MCF tab on the sales order detail page. This option will help you add any extra notes/comments that needs to be automatically sent to FBA warehouse along with the other order details.


Select “Warehouse” on Add Order page

From now, you can select a Warehouse while adding a new sales order. All the warehouses added in your Orderhive account will show up in the dropdown menu.


UI changes for PO & Stock transfer

Add Purchase Order and Stock Transfer page now has the same UI (User Interface) as the Add Sales Order page for better consistency.

Prefix and suffix for Sales orders, invoices, and purchase orders.

From now, you can add a prefix and suffix for sales order, invoice, and purchase order numbers and create your custom format. You can save prefix and suffix for sales orders, purchase orders, and invoices separately.


Whenever you create a new order or invoice, you’ll see that the # field is automatically populated.


ShipStation Integration (Send Orders)

We’ve enhanced the integration process of ShipStation to expedite the sync. Earlier, users had to create a custom store in ShipStation to connect with Orderhive. However, from now:

– You can simply generate an API key from ShipStation and connect Orderhive.
– Along with confirmed orders, you can even send Not Confirmed orders to ShipStation.
– Once the order sent from Orderhive to ShipStation is marked as shipped, shipping charges along with tracking information will be synced in Orderhive and your channel automatically.

Keep Not Confirmed orders on Hold

From now, you can even mark confirmed orders on Hold. This will allow you greater flexibility to work with orders and arrange inventory for the same.

Category and Barcode fields can now be updated through excel import

While updating products using an excel sheet, you can even update Category and unique Barcode fields in bulk.


Ready to see the above features in action? Login to your Orderhive account. If you’re new to Orderhive and curious to see what it offers, create your 15-day free trial account.

Megha Vishnoi

Megha Vishnoi

Megha is a Marketing Enthusiast who began her stint in Orderhive with lot of zest. She brings out offbeat marketing ideas with a touch of simplicity. In her spare time, she enjoys writing about life in general.

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