New! QuickBooks integration changes, DHL Global Mail International, UI enhancements, and more

As you might be gearing up for the upcoming Holidays season, we at Orderhive are focusing on launching new time-saving features, workflow enhancements, and new shipping channels that will bring the much-needed efficiency your business needs.

Let’s take a look at the newly launched features.

QuickBooks Online Integration changes

  • Orderhive will now push “Tax” and “Shipping Cost” separately, enabling QuickBooks to manage it individually.
  • From now, you can manage settings or configure your QuickBooks integration from the Manage Channels page by using “View Detail” button.

Manage Channels

  • Purchase orders marked as “Raised” will get automatically synced to QuickBooks.
  • Once a purchase order is marked as “Fully Received”, only then Orderhive will a create a new “Bill” in QuickBooks.
  • Orderhive now provides an additional option to create an invoice and immediately mark it as “Paid” using the “Create Invoice & Receive Payment” button available on the sales order detail page. This step will trigger Orderhive to sync invoice and its payment details to QuickBooks.

Create Invoice

  • From now, Orderhive will not automatically manage inventory in QuickBooks. Only once you create a purchase order or sales order in Orderhive, the inventory will get adjusted in QuickBooks.
  • The payment methods created in Orderhive that are not yet present in QuickBooks will get synced automatically.
  • We’ve introduced a new option named as Enable Sync of Inventory to QuickBooks available in “View Detail” popup on Manage Channels Page. By enabling this, inventory will be tracked and managed by Orderhive. You can keep it disabled to not let Orderhive track inventory for QuickBooks Channel.

Note: The above functionality may vary based on your QuickBooks Configuration.

Import and Export Sales Orders

We understand that offline sellers need to import sales orders into Orderhive for quick processing and shipping. This long-awaited feature is now live. You can Import and Export sales orders seamlessly, allowing you to save a lot of time.

Import Orders

The template we built to import orders consists of all the relevant fields and instructions. The Import and Export sales orders option can be found under “Bulk Actions” dropdown on the Sales Order Listing page.

Bulk Action – Merge Products

  • You can now merge products in Bulk. To do this, go to Inventory page and under Bulk Actions dropdown, click on “Merge Products”. A new popup window will open that will consist of upload instructions.

UI Enhancements

  • If a shipment is created in Orderhive using any of the integrated shipping carriers (USPS, UPS, DHL, etc.), then the Shipping Cost will also be included in the Shipment details.
  • From now, selection of warehouse is mandatory while shipping orders in bulk.
  • All mass actions will now appear under “Bulk Actions” dropdown menu on all the listings page.
  • The dashboard values will be displayed based on the time zone you’ve configured in your account.
  • Like sales orders, from today, even Extra items can be added while receiving purchase orders.
  • You can add and update order date while creating offline orders.
  • We’ve added a Back button on all the detail pages for quick navigation.


  • We’ve enhanced the shipping workflow. It is aimed at reducing the number of steps. Also, Orderhive will populate certain fields automatically.


  • While creating a new shipment, the package dropdown will display the options based on the shipping method you select. These options would be the ones that are synced from your integrated shipping providers.
  • We’ve introduced movable tabs of order actions like Awaiting shipment, awaiting approval, etc. on the sales order listing page.


New Shipping Channel – DHL Global Mail International

Orderhive now integrates with DHL Global Mail international that will enable you to ship international shipments with ease. The functions like estimating shipping rates, printing labels, and tracking packages can be performed within Orderhive.

To see all the above features in action, login to your Orderhive account today. If you’re new to Orderhive and want to streamline your inventory and order management software, then create your 15-day free trial account and experience multi-channel bliss.

Megha Vishnoi

Megha Vishnoi

Megha is a Marketing Enthusiast who began her stint in Orderhive with lot of zest. She brings out offbeat marketing ideas with a touch of simplicity. In her spare time, she enjoys writing about life in general.

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