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Newly arrived! Product Bundling, Australia Post Integration, and more..

Being in touch with sellers selling multiple products across popular marketplaces, the developers at Orderhive constantly work on creating solutions and new features to ensure retail business owners are able to gain flexibility in performing tasks from one centralized system, as per their growing requirements.

What sellers can expect from Orderhive’s new feature updates?

I- Product Bundling

Orderhive now supports product bundling/kitting. From a marketing point of view, “Product bundling or kitting” is an ability to offer multiple products/SKUs for sale, as one order. This could be a pack of T-shirts, furniture set, or any other combination of product you sell.

Here’s what you need to know:

– You can either create a new bundle product in Orderhive or, you can convert any of your existing simple product into a bundle with a few easy steps.

– Whenever a new order is placed in Orderhive or on your online store, available stock will automatically get decremented for individual products of the bundle and the bundle itself.

– Orderhive will adjust inventory of bundled products according to your warehouse settings.

– If your channel doesn’t support bundles, you can convert any of your products into bundle once they are synced in Orderhive. For instance, you sell on Shopify, you can connect your store with Orderhive and then convert the simple products which you’re selling as a bundle.

Bundle Stock

To see how you can create bundles and manage stock in Orderhive, take a look at the help articles listed here.

II- Custom pricing tiers

Apart from retail, wholesale, and buy prices, you can now even add and manage custom pricing tiers through your Orderhive account. For instance: You want to offer distribution pricing to some customers, simply create a separate pricing tier in Orderhive and whenever you create a new order for those customers, the pricing tier would automatically get applied.

Pricing Tier

III- New shipping integration: Australia Post

Australia Post offers the most reliable and affordable postal services which are still a hit among retailers. With this new integration, you can connect your Australia Post account in Orderhive to check shipping rates, buy/print labels, and track packages.

IV- Edit Shipping address

Shipping to the wrong address can still be a nightmare for many retailers. To help you avoid this costly mistake, we have now made the shipping address field editable. By editing shipping address at the right time/before shipment will help you eliminate fulfillment errors. Please note that you can’t edit the shipping address for shipped and cancelled orders too.

V- CS-Cart Sync Add-on

Once you connect your CS-Cart store, Orderhive automatically imports products, customers, and sales orders. However, after initial sync, if you want newly added data (products, customers, and orders) in your CS-Cart store to be synced instantly in Orderhive, our sync add-on can help you. The steps to install the add-on are included on Detailed Instructions tab on Add CS-Cart page under Channels menu.

VI- Analytics: Stock Summary & Orders by Countries

Last but not the least, your dashboard just got better! We are now live with two new analytics – Stock summary and Orders by Countries. “Stock summary” will show you the total number of products that are in stock, low in stock, and out of stock for each integrated store. With “Orders by Countries” metric, see a complete breakdown of the countries your orders are placed from.


While Orderhive users can instantly gain access to these newly added features, multi-channel sellers from across the globe can opt for Orderhive Free Trial and see how it can help their business.

To create your 15-day free trial now, click here. If you have any questions, please feel free to email our customer success team at

Megha Vishnoi

Megha Vishnoi

Megha is a Marketing Enthusiast who began her stint in Orderhive with lot of zest. She brings out offbeat marketing ideas with a touch of simplicity. In her spare time, she enjoys writing about life in general.

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