Newly arrived! Stock transfer, Invoice status, and more..

At Orderhive, we’re always excited to launch new features and integrations to help retailers streamline their daily business tasks. Apart from coming up with new workflow and functionality, we also keep upgrading existing features to enable users to save time and eliminate extra efforts.

Let’s take a look at the newly launched features.

Stock transfer

From now, you’ll be able to transfer stock of products from one warehouse to another. With this new feature, you can make sure your warehouse never runs out of products that are in high demand and need quick replenishment. To use this feature, hover on to “Inventory menu,” and from the drop down, click on “Stock Transfer.” The stock transfer order will have 4 statuses – pending, shipped, received, and complete.

Transfer Stock

There are two ways to create a transfer order in Orderhive:

Instant stock transfer

To immediately transfer stock to another warehouse, you can use “Transfer Stock Now” option. Doing so, the quantity will get updated instantly in the warehouse and the channels associated with that warehouse. Also, the status will be automatically marked as complete.

Raise Transfer Order

If you want to transfer stock between two storage locations, you can raise a “Transfer order.” Once you do that, you’ll be able to add shipment details. When you physically receive inventory at the destination warehouse, you can mark it as “received” in Orderhive. Only once you mark it as received, the quantity will get updated in the destination warehouse and the channels associated with that warehouse.


To see a step-by-step process to create transfer stock, read our help articles here.

In-purchase quantity on product detail page

You can now see the in-purchase quantity on the product detail page. This will allow you to know the quantity for which you’ve created a purchase order, and is expected to be received from your supplier. With a clear view of available, in-order, on-hand, and in-purchase stock on a single screen, you’ll be able to track your inventory better.

In-purchase quantity

Add products in bulk for selected supplier in PO

You might be aware that while adding a product in Orderhive, you get an option to assign a supplier. If you have assigned suppliers to your products, then from now, while creating a new purchase order, you’ll get an option to “Add all products of selected supplier” through a single click. Orderhive will automatically add all the products that were assigned to the selected supplier.


Invoices on sales order listing page

From now, all invoiced orders can be easily tracked from sales order listing page. We have added another status named “Invoiced”. This will help you to know whether the order is yet to be invoiced, is partially invoiced, or has been fully invoiced without going to the order detail page.

Ready to see the above features in action? Grab a 15-day free trial or login to your account.

Megha Vishnoi

Megha Vishnoi

Megha is a Marketing Enthusiast who began her stint in Orderhive with lot of zest. She brings out offbeat marketing ideas with a touch of simplicity. In her spare time, she enjoys writing about life in general.

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