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Offbeat online marketplaces that you can sell on

When the Internet was launched, retailers who wanted to make an online presence had to manage their store’s front-end and back-end needs on their own, in order to drive traffic and fulfil orders. Today, it’s not the same. Merchants can now easily set up a storefront in any of the online marketplaces that not only allow them a range of readymade themes to make their store attractive, but also allow easy integration with third party API’s to automate and perform back-end tasks efficiently. Another added advantage, is it offers ready audience of potential customers – sometimes millions of them, depending on the marketplace you select.

You may have heard of two big name – Amazon and eBay, but because they are the leading online marketplaces, your products may get lost in the crowd and your brand visibility remains underdeveloped.

There is nothing to worry about! There are many other options to choose from that will not only keep your products visible in the crowd but also help you gain exposure to all those potential customers who will be interested in purchasing your products.

Below are offbeat online marketplaces that will help you create and run a successful store in addition to Amazon and eBay.



Ecrater ( is considered to be an eBay alternative, and online marketplace and a shopping website that allows a platform to buy and sell a wide range of product category at an utmost ease. This online marketplace’s web store builder allow sellers to choose the appearance and color for their store for free. Apart from offering a free web store hosting, it allows unlimited disk space, your own URL, store widgets, inventory control system, bulk listings, USPS shipping calculators, feedback system and many other valuable features. eCrater offers major payment processors: PayPal and Google checkout allowing customers an ability to make a payment through credit/debit card, as well as personal cheques. Additionally, you can accept payments through cash on delivery and money order too. For all this, eCrater allows you to keep all the profit just paying a fee for every sale made.


Sears marketplace ( allow business owners (startups, small or big) to list products and sell them amongst tens of millions of potential customers with no long-term commitments. Easily download from a wide range of themes available at “Sears Item Class Library,” select and upload theme that are relevant to your product catalog. It’s intuitive dashboard alerts you when an order hits your store to ensure that you never miss an order and process it quickly. Offering an easy-to-understand order management and inventory management system, customized shipping rates, advertisements, Sears fulfillment, returns and many other effective features, this online marketplace can be an ideal choice to sell your products. Sears also, offers a secure checkout process – including our fraud protection services. And, for all this you are will charged a monthly subscription fee on the first business day of each calendar month.



Shoply ( is a marketplace that currently has over 7,000 shops allowing people to make money out of their creativity. So, if you are one them who has an immense talent into artwork, image and design, you can list for free and make money out of it. You also get your own URL on sign-up ( that will get your store up and running in minutes. Offering a range of product category to sell (that includes accessories, art, clothing, crafts, jewelry and more) Shoply can be a quick source of income for artisans. If you choose Shoply as your online marketplace, you can opt from it’s start-up plan (in this you have to pay a 10% commission on every sales), Boutique plan ( allows you to makes sales without paying a commission on every sale, however there is a monthly subscription of $29.99) or the premium Brand plan (that includes all benefits of the Boutique Plan as well as other benefits like products write-ups, blogs, and promotion across social networking sites). There are no contracts or any fixed term, hence you can upgrade and downgrade any time you want.


CafePressAnother great online marketplace, CafePress ( gives you an online store to design and create your own products. It’s category includes clothing, accessories, bags, home, stationery, case & covers, and more. With no upfront cost, simply create your store’s custom look and feel, then upload images and select products to sell your designs. Allowing a secure payment checkout, it has an ability to handle all payment transactions including credit cards and PayPal. It also allows you to ship products worldwide with a tracking order functionality as well as manages returns and exchange too.


Similar to Amazon, ( Shopping covers many categories, therefore if you are selling products in electronics, home & outdoor, health & beauty, sporting goods, fashion and jewelry categories, then this marketplace will be an ideal to grow your business. Rakuten allow sellers tools to create a highly branded storefront and promote your business by creating an image-focused storefront. All you need to do is register (only takes 10-15 minutes), list ( offering dedicated support), sell, ship and get paid. Today, serves over 12 million buyers which proves to be an ideal platform to sellers for expanding their business with no limits.

In Closing

Whatever maybe your product category, one of the above marketplaces will help you greatly increase your product opportunity for exposure and lead you well on your way to selling success.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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