Order Management Just Got Simpler!

Orderhive’s order management system enables businesses to automate their end-to-end order fulfillment process while providing full visibility throughout. Regardless of how and from which channel an order arrives, Orderhive-powered workflow rules make sure that all necessary order data is automatically captured and routed through the most efficient and error-free chain. By minimizing the number of manual steps with the help of centralized order management system, businesses can process “the perfect order” ensuring added value to the end-customers.

Benefits of Order Management System

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Improvise Team Capabilities

Orderhive’s Work order management system is a one-stop solution which can integrate the work of multiple teams. From receiving an order to fulfilling it, everything can be done from one single platform. This improves the collaboration among members of different teams and reduces delays caused by manual bottlenecks.

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Get More Information Per Order

Orderhive’s Order Management system has been built on Kanban philosophy, which helps you attain maximum information about orders in one single view. Orderhive’s system also allows you to add custom parameters, notes, and tags to orders which can help you generate efficient reports.

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No Overselling / Underselling

With Orderhive’s Order Management system, you stay in continuous control of your inventory at all times, even replenishing it is a one-click task. With Real-time sync enabled, Orderhive becomes the first choice fo seller who wishes to avoid all forms of overselling or underselling.

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Expand Your Sales Rapidly

Enabling eCommerce sellers to manage high order volumes during peak periods, the order management system helps you to expand your business to a higher volume. With all the built-in as well as the integrated functionalities, your retail business can handle tens of thousands of more comparative sales.

Know more about Orderhive’s Order Management System

End to end

Real-Time Order - Inventory Synchronization

List your products on multiple channels. Orderhive’s Order Management system will sync orders from all the channels in real time. The System will also update the inventory on all the channels enabling inventory parity across them.

Order Tracking software - Take bulk actions on returns and refunds

Bulk Actions To Save Time

Orderhive’s Order management system reduces the time and effort required in doing repetitive tasks. It allows users to Cancel or confirm orders in bulk, clone or repeat previous orders in bulk, import or export orders in bulk. Users can also add the due dates, instructions for the warehouse packaging unit, download, and print required invoices.

Order Tracking Software - Track Partially Serviced orders

Comfortable and Efficient Shipping

Orderhive’s Order Management system integrates with 300+ shipping carriers, helping you improve a seller improve the reach to every nook and corner of the world. The system also prints picklists and shipping manifests, sets default shipping addresses, building a smooth link with your customers and couriers. It is an order management system that smoothens the shipping process.

Integrated Marketplaces and Accounting Software

Orderhive’s Order management system integrates with all marketplaces, storefronts, payments gateways, accounting software, the point of sale systems, and CRMs. Making Orderhive’s Order management system the centerpiece of your business automation process.

Cin7 Orderhive users report 2.5 times more efficiency in the order fulfillment process

Integrate everything that your business needs

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Orderhive better than other Order Management Systems

We claim Orderhive’s Order Management system is better then other systems owing to the following feature list which is exclusively for Orderhive’s Customers

  1. Kanban View – Single View to manage all different functions of a Work Order Management Journey
  2. Custom Pricing Tier – Sell your products at appropriate prices to different customers
  3. Quickest Sync time – Orderhive’s Sync is the fastest among it’s competitors
  4. Best Customer Support – 20*6 customer support to handhold you at every stage of system usage, it has been ranked the best by leading software directories

How can I manage Work Order for my business using Orderhive

Orderhive is the best Work Order Management System in the market. Orderhive has been built on Kanban philosophy which connects different aspects of order management in one single view, helping business owners gain a complete and wholesome view their work order. This reduces business owners tasks of managing communications between different departments, precisely scheduling tasks and accounting for any possibilities that might arise during the course of the getting the work order fulfilled. Orderhive shows a seamless flow of every work order from one task to another.

Why is it important to have an order management software in place?

Retailing across multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, your website or a brick & mortar store is not only tiresome but also prone to endless errors, owing to the lack of a proper order management system. This is true for a business of any size or scale. You are at constant risk of being penalized by marketplaces and losing customers for delivering wrong orders or for not delivering at all! From making your products available at the right place and the right time to fulfilling every order as promised is the key challenge. And this demands a set of processes to be followed and a holistic view of one’s business with real-time order records.

Why is Orderhive a great choice for businesses of all size and scale?

A powerful yet easy-to-use eCommerce Order Management Software takes up all of the seller’s hassles – right from managing orders from multiple channels and syncing them into one platform. Generating shipping labels & printing invoices through the same platform will ensure that your orders are processed as soon as you receive them with the shipping carrier of your choice. With greater efficiency and accuracy, you can assure yourself that no order will be missed ever. Orderhive is one fully-integrated order management system offering one-click user interface and enabling order processing with the required precision, and that too at most competitive pricing.

How does Orderhive Order management system work?

Order management System works differently based on companies’ needs. Sellers use this software to manage their products across marketplaces websites like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.

Orderhive provides different kinds of the functionalities that helps users keep a close eye on each sale.
Sellers can check the total number of orders placed under various E-Commerce sites. It provides various features such as order tracking, and allows the authorized users to cancel a product, refund, and print particular order details.

Can new users book a demo?

Yes absolutely. Orderhive allows new users to book a demo. All you have to do is click on the chat icon on the right bottom of your screen to speak to our product expert. Orderhive also offers a 15-day free trial for all new visitors.

What kind of sellers does the Orderhive Order Management System cater to?

Orderhive works best for wholesalers, distributor, and e-commerce merchants, as they maintain a large amount of inventory which can be challenging to look after. Orderhive solves these issues that are often heavily reliant on spreadsheets and/or pen-and-paper accounting. With Orderhive, you can track order status in real-time, process return and exchange requests in a hassle-free manner and streamline order fulfillment, shipping, and delivery processes.