Benefits of Order Management Software

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Remove manual bottlenecks

Orderhive’s Order Management Software brings all of your orders tracking in one location to process them from start to finish means cutting down upon manual and time-killing mistakes. Eliminate every chance of manual inefficiencies with end-to-end process automation.

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Reduce fulfillment costs

One interface for multi-channel orders dramatically reduces time and costs involved in a number of administrative and order processing tasks. With all orders in one place, you can perform bulk action and avoid repetitive tasks.

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Stay up-to-date always

Seamless synchronization with sales channels and shipping partners lets you process orders as soon as you receive them. With Orderhive’s most real-time order tracking get immediate order and shipment updates for you and your buyers.

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Improve team efficiency

You or your team doesn’t need to log in to multiple systems or websites to keep track of and process your orders anymore. Improved team collaboration means improved fulfillment and better results.

Know more about Orderhive’s Order Management Software

Order Tracking software - track orders from multiple channels

Multi-channel. One order book.

Bring all your order into a single dashboard. Treat your orders the way you want.

  • Integration with all your sales channels
  • Online and offline order syncing
  • Quickest sync time of orders and inventory
  • Order processing through FBA, dropshipping and 3PL
  • Warehouse priority settings to fulfill orders
  • FIFO (First-in-First-out) inventory method
  • Pre-order, backorder or partial order fulfillment
Order Tracking Software - Holistic View

Holistic and custom views

The flexibility that lets you decide what and how much data you see in a window

  • List and Kanban view of orders
  • All necessary information in one place
  • Custom order workflows
  • Add or delete custom fields to orders
  • Custom tags for easy identification
  • Standard and custom invoice templates
  • Multiple category filters for quick order search
Order Tracking software - Take bulk actions on returns and refunds

Bulk action on orders

Simplify repetitive tasks so that you can concentrate on more orders in less time

  • Confirm or cancel orders in bulk
  • Clone repeat orders
  • Export and import orders in bulk
  • Add due dates and tags to orders
  • Quick PO creation for out-of-stock order items
  • Add comments or instructions to every order
  • Create, download and print invoices
Order Tracking Software - Track Partially Serviced orders

Comprehensive shipping

Manage the shipping process holistically, at internet speed, with efficiency and accuracy

  • Ship via multiple couriers (300+) from one location
  • Create smart shipping rules using default shipping methods
  • Create, download and print shipping labels
  • Create and print picklists and shipping manifests
  • Multi-piece shipments
  • Set default shipping address for customers
  • Timely communication with your couriers and customers

End-to-end seamless sync

Roar loud with a robust order management system that is safe, secure and scalable

  • Engagement with suppliers, shipping providers, dropshippers and customers from one place
  • A holistic view of day-to-day activities
  • Access to real-time order status
  • Custom workflows based on availability, geography and shipping costs
  • Manual entry or barcode system for adding order items
  • Multi-currency conversion
  • Customer details with complete order history
Orderhive users report 2.5 times more efficiency in the order fulfillment process

Integrate everything that your business needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to have an order management software in place?

Retailing across multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, your website or a brick & mortar store is not only tiresome but also prone to endless errors, owing to the lack of a proper order management system. This is true for a business of any size or scale. You are at constant risk of being penalized by marketplaces and losing customers for delivering wrong orders or for not delivering at all! From making your products available at the right place and the right time to fulfilling every order as promised is the key challenge. And this demands a set of processes to be followed and a holistic view of one’s business with real-time order records.

Why is Orderhive a great choice for businesses of all size and scale?

A powerful yet easy-to-use eCommerce Order Management Software takes up all of the seller’s hassles – right from managing orders from multiple channels and syncing them into one platform. Generating shipping labels & printing invoices through the same platform will ensure that your orders are processed as soon as you receive them with the shipping carrier of your choice. With greater efficiency and accuracy, you can assure yourself that no order will be missed ever. Orderhive is one fully-integrated order management system offering one-click user interface and enabling order processing with the required precision, and that too at most competitive pricing.

How is Orderhive Order Management Software priced?

Orderhive allows first-time users a 15-day free trial to help users get a hands-on experience on the look and feel of the software. After the trial period is over, users can select from 4 different pricing plans as per their requirements. Orderhive also offers customized enterprise solutions with complex and custom automation & integrations and higher security under its Orderhive Enterprise unit.

What are the functional capabilities of Orderhive?

The major functional capabilities of Orderhive Order Management software include-

  • Create, import, revise and return orders
  • Multi-channel order fulfillment
  • Real-time order status visibility
  • Speedy shipping and delivery management

Can Orderhive be integrated with other systems?

Orderhive is a multi-channel order management software that supports integrations with leading shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx etc, marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Bigcommerce etc, storefronts like Shopify, Magento etc, accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks, and all leading payment gateways. Any further integrations can also be added upon request by the user depending upon third-party conditions.

For what kind of businesses can Orderhive be used?

Orderhive is a user-friendly order management software. Business owners, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, entrepreneurs, e-commerce sellers, and brick-&-mortar store owners can use Orderhive to streamline their entire order management and fulfillment processes.

Does Orderhive offer customer support?

Yes. Orderhive provides full-fledged customer support (20X6) on Chat, Email, and Skype. If you have any questions you can also click on the chat icon on the right bottom of your screen and speak to our product expert.