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Businesses require proper management, whether it is about handling the inventory or the financial sector. E-commerce businesses need to control the order to cash process efficiently to avoid huge losses. The order-to-cash process is significant for any business. You just have to understand its correct purpose and how to manage it. Order to cash process plays a vital role in the organization belonging to its customers. It is crucial to streamline the order to cash process before getting involved in order placement and marketing. You should simplify the order to cash process. With this, you will be able to offer an instant and enhanced customer experience. We will guide you through the whole O2C process, i.e., from order placement to the reporting and data management. It will give you an overview of the entire order-to-cash process.

Let’s start the discussion - What is Order to Cash (O2C) process

What is Order to Cash (O2C) process

Order to Cash process is a kind of order processing system which is also called as O2C cycle under which you will get to know how business processes, handles, receives and finishes all the operations. It starts when the order gets placed and covers every step of your delivery until the whole payment process gets completed. The O2C process continues even after the entire order gets delivered and the payment is being made. By optimizing the whole cash process, you will be able to define the success of your company. All these will lead to better relationships with your customers and reduce inefficiencies.

Why O2C process is important

Why O2C process is important

There are many reasons for which companies are striving for an outstanding O2C process. One of the reasons is that it has a cascading effect all over the organization. It has direct links to supply chain management, inventory management, and workforce. All the order-to-cash process finds out the cash flow of your company. By optimizing the process, it can remove all the inefficiencies that are present in your business processes. It will result in having more working capital, fewer bottlenecks, and maximum customer satisfaction. Also, it will opt for reducing order to fulfillment time.

Steps of the order-to-cash process

  • Order management 

Order management Order-to-Cash


It is the first step of the O2C process and it starts immediately after the customer places their order. An automated order management system helps in getting instant notifications to keep a track of all departments. 

  • Credit management 

Credit management


As soon as you reach the end of the process, credit management helps to minimize the issues that may occur in the O2C princess. Automated software can handle approvals and denials and the finance person will get a notification for the cases left for review. 

  • Order fulfillment

Order fulfillment


Automated inventory software is a vital part of the order fulfullment process. Orders that are specifically sent for fulfillment must be in standardized digital format. In this way, any associate working on the order can decipher all the relevant details. 

  • Order shipping 

Order shipping


Order shipping of the O2C process should get audited on a regular basis so that it will make sure that it meets the high-performance standards.

  • Customer invoicing 

Customer invoicing


The customer invoicing system needs to receive the right information from the team who is at the front-line functions. Sending accurate invoices out on a regular timetable will effectively forecast the cash inflows and will plan for the price respectively. 

  • Accounts receivable 

Accounts receivable


Automated accounting system want the flag outstanding invoices to pre-set the time before they are overdue and the accounts receivable persons must review them for finding out the errors which are delaying payment. 

  • Payment collection 

Payment collection


Payment collection helps in handling the issues that occur while doing payments by the customers. Accounting and finance representatives should review all overdue for updating bad debt forecast and find out the necessary next steps.

  • Reporting and data management 

Challenges occur at O2C process

Reporting and data management helps in tracking the performance of data at every step of the O2C process. By keeping an eye on the data, company owners can actually see how the flow of their O2C process is affecting each and everything in the organization.

Challenges occur at O2C process

The biggest challenge that the O2C process faces in its process is getting high errors in the execution and the order delivery, and business practices in disagreeing with the policy of the company.

For minimizing all such issues, the company should opt for reducing the chain size and start investing in system integration to reduce manual orders and postings. Real-time visibility into the processes and with the use of indicator evaluation systems, all it helps in maintaining the operation compliance. 

  • Manual invoicing 
  • Inaccurate sales orders 
  • Dissatisfied customers 
  • Delays 
  • Data security 

The order to cash process seems to be straightforward, but it has a lot of moving parts. Failure in any of the steps can result in the breakdown of the whole cycle. The involvement of business processes needs a good deal of attention and all departments to work together. Also, your company should keep an eye on the customer satisfaction area. Any problem in the order-to-cash process can directly impact the customer experience. Use CRM software for managing the relationships of your company with its potential customers.


Doing proper optimization of your order-to-cash process will directly impact your overall business. It is all about making huge profits in your business. If you observe every step of the order-to-cash cycle, it will save your company’s money and time. All these will lead to huge customer satisfaction. That’s the reason for which companies opt for spending a significant amount of money in handling the whole cash-to-order cycle. Inefficiencies in the O2C cycle can lead to high risk and potential losses. More and more companies are moving towards outsourcing for industries’ top practices in order-to-cash management.



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