How Orderhive enabled custom field data exchange between Magento-to-QuickBooks.

When Girvin Marketing spotted Orderhive

Dan Bartlett, the CTO of Girvin marketing introduced themselves as full-service solution providers for promotional marketing. They work with companies of all sizes to provide custom branding products for sales, merchandising, trade show, and promotion.

They have an established network of sourcing partners ( suppliers ) from whom they procure quality products, however, distributing & fulfilling orders became a challenge.

Soon they ventured into the online space by providing a custom e-store, where they offer a centralized vendor portal for ordering all corporate promotional products. The portal enables customers to efficiently place orders within a Girvin storefront and allows suppliers to instantly review the order information and stay connected with their customers during the purchasing cycle.

Problem area that Girvin marketing was trying to solve through automation

Before scenario,

Purchasing became a time-consuming process especially when the requests for goods and services have to be processed manually using a combination of emails, paper catalogs, faxes and verifying the same with rigorous follow-ups. Their goal was to automate the whole purchasing process with least scope of human interventions.

Girvin were taking every step to make the platform a fit for the modern consumers and suppliers. They were looking to turn their marketplace into an enterprise-class portal, which not only provides information-rich shopping experience but is also backed by a strong order management & invoicing system which easily routes information to their third-party accounting software QuickBooks.

However, this was the most tricky part. They have been using Magento as their e-commerce platform as it supports custom fields, which help them send the order information to the right supplier. The custom fields also include a unique supplier id and invoice details which need to be synced with QuickBooks so that the corresponding supplier can track payables at any point during the billing cycle.


  • A provision for custom data transfer between Magento and third-party accounting software QuickBooks.
  • Mapping of supplier id data field, making sure that the purchase request is sent to the corresponding supplier.
  • Cutting down on the rigorous manual process of sending each purchase request to QuickBooks and checking back & forth about any update on the QBO platform.
  • Minimizing the transactional error due to human interventions.

With Orderhive being a middleware ( a data connector ) between Girvin’s customer-facing business platform and third-party accounting software, the custom data exchange was possible.

Solution Delivered


Complete automated workflow

Orderhive strategically automated each process of Girvin’s business workflow. It easily evaluates the next steps in the process and flag the appropriate actions through the use of customized business logic.

Once the customer places an order in Magento, everything from custom field integration to order status update is handled as per their specified workflow. As the invoice transaction is saved in Quickbooks, Orderhive automatically updates the order status as “Invoiced” in Magento.



Custom QuickBooks integrations

Custom integration with QuickBooks helps Girvin Marketing to add custom fields such as sales invoice email address and suppliers id to the existing QuickBooks transaction objects.

They were also able to apply business specific logic where it automatically maps the custom fields and designates “sales orders” to the appropriate supplier.

After Orderhive business scenario

Orderhive automated Girvin’s entire workflow so repetitive tasks glide on their own without the extra push. With automation, they have zeroed down the chances of transactional error.

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Dhwani Shah

Dhwani Shah

I am a content marketing professional at Orderhive, a multichannel inventory management & shipping software that enables online sellers to streamline and automate back-end processes.Previously, I worked as a Marketing professional for a tech startup. With a strong understanding of technology, I comprehend the workflow of a system in no time.

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