Orderhive partners with Bold Commerce

Powering more than 200,000 online retailers, Shopify has become one of the favorite eCommerce hubs that offer simple interface identical to WordPress.

Whether you are looking to build an online store, promote your products, perform social media campaigns, fulfil customer’s orders, or even, offer great customer experience, Shopify App store helps eCommerce sellers gain access to more than hundreds of free and paid apps.

However, adapting a Shopify app and performing tasks on your own can be time-consuming.

This is where Bold Commerce comes into the picture!

About Bold Commerce

Bold Commerce a fastest growing app development company for Shopify sellers; also include store-builder and webmaster services too.

This way any seller can expect to work with experts, making it easy to be in line with the latest technology and boost performance for their Shopify stores.

With apps build to allow sellers perform their daily business activities from anywhere, anytime, also helps them eliminates the risks of delay in the process.

Some of the popular Bold Commerce Apps includes:

a- Sales: Product Upsell

b- Customer service: Custom Orders

c- Social media: Social Autopilot

d- POS: Sales Manager

e- Other tools: Product Options

How apps are helping Shopify sellers?

Vector mobile phone with icons in flat style - global business concept - networking app

With thousands of sellers offering their collection of products on the same platform, many Shopify owners may find it difficult to spare time from their daily business activities and think of ways that can allow them to improve sales for their Shopify stores.

This is where Shopify apps come in the picture!

Shopify platform already offers inbuilt tools helping sellers gain access to simplest ways of performing tasks, however, with their apps sellers can adopt innovative methods to extend the functionality for their Shopify stores.

Why Orderhive partners with Bold Commerce?

Orderhive well-connected with Shopify platform offers online sellers with inventory management and order fulfilment capabilities in real-time.

With a major focus on crafting customized retail software management solutions as per the seller’s needs- Orderhive added Bold Commerce to its list of partners, all in an effort to ensure Shopify sellers can have a single access to multiple solutions.

How will this partnership help Shopify sellers?

Focused on the same purpose, both the platforms are helping Shopify sellers an ability to free themselves from having to worry about dealing with those time-taking tasks.

Working with experts from the same field, both the platforms will allow Shopify sellers adopt the latest methods for successfully running their multiple stores on the giant eCommerce platform.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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