Orderhive partners with Pasilobus to enhance “ Shopify store management solution”

Orderhive well-connected with Shopify marketplace focuses on providing software and solutions to perform and manage retail back-end processes while Pasilobus expertise in offering front-end store setup, design & development will allow Shopify users to attract larger customer base without any hassles.

Established in the year 2004, Shopify has proven to be one of the most preferred platforms among online sellers that currently records 200,000 merchants using the platform.


Shopify- a hosted cloud-based commercial platform has everything that sellers need to start an online selling business. Its most important features include:

Website builder allowing sellers to eliminate the hassle of creating one. Easily select from a range of Shopify Theme Stores, or, sellers can customize their store via “Theme Setting” editors. This platform encourages sellers with an opportunity to work with expert designers, developers, marketers, and photographers who come up with unique and engaging ideas to build an effective eCommerce store.

Integrate with free tools, making it easy to simplify daily business tasks that include purchase order templates, invoice and barcode generation, and shipping labels. Also, Shopify sellers get an advantage to enhance their pricing strategy using the “Profit Margin Calculator.”

Friendly pricing-structure allows business owners of any sized-budget a chance to grow along with the most influential platform in the eCommerce world.

1- Sellers who like to experiment their product line over the leading platform can opt for its “Lite package” without owning an online store for $9.

2- Sellers who like to own an online store and get and access to more advanced features can opt for its “Basic package” at $29.

3- For growing business who would like to connect with the latest technology and services can adopt its “Pro package” and get an opportunity to take their business to the next level.

Sellers can also take an advantage of its Free Trial for 14 days to experience new growth opportunities.

How does Orderhive contribute to Shopify sellers?

Orderhive focused in connecting with the best of the industry experts that includes e-commerce agencies, developers, fulfilment companies and resellers, allows sellers an opportunity to adopt the latest technology and grow revenue for their Shopify stores.

Orderhive currently helping many Shopify sellers to manage multi-channel business operations from one place ensures sellers can also easily connect with popular eCommerce services that specifically target sellers performing on leading marketplaces that include Amazon, eBay too.

How does Pasilobus contribute to Shopify sellers?

Pasilobus allows Shopify owners with innovative front-end store management facilities to enhance conversions rates. Its services include solutions to System Setup, Store Upgrades, as well as, Premium Support.

Pasilobus also makes it easy to increase social media presence by integrating with leading social share plug-ins from the Shopify dashboard itself.

Added advantage of Orderhive Pasilobus partnership to Shopify sellers

Orderhive supports the same purpose that Pasilobus focuses, in offering innovative solutions and integrations to successfully run their Shopify stores.

Orderhive and Pasilobus customized solution

Apart from allowing tools and features that help run an eCommerce store, both the platforms can offer Shopify sellers an opportunity to adopt solutions that can best fit Shopify seller’s business needs.

Orderhive Enterprise will allow sellers including Shopify store owners to request for solutions that can best fit their daily operational needs while Pasilobus customized solution make it easy for Shopify sellers to understand and adapt the best store layout for increased visibility.

In Closing

Offering an ability to perform both front-end and back-end tasks in the most effective way, this partnership will surely help Shopify sellers to expand their business while making the best optimization out of their resources.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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