Orderhive partners with Rand Marketing to boost revenue growth for online sellers

Internet has evolved the way people are dealing with their daily routines, today; anyone from anywhere can purchase their favourite products online. And, marketing being the key for running a selling business- it’s important you ensure a right strategy for your online store.

Regardless of their age, many people are accessing the Internet to find their needs over the web. Therefore, ensuring an excellent online presence is what many eCommerce sellers may still be struggling with.

Orderhive- primarily focusing on offering excellent eCommerce back-end management solution, has also partnered with popular front-end solutions, and lately has added Rand Marketing to the list.

About Rand Marketing

Whether you are looking to improve traffic, engagement-level, pageviews, conversion rates, or sales- Rand Marketing constantly provides online marketing solution that are in line with the latest trends and technology allowing online sellers gain new opportunities to enhance their front-end store’s performance.

– Do you want to make your website responsive?

– Do you want to make your site mobile responsive?

– Do you want to integrate with front-end eCommerce solution?

– Do you want help with your social media marketing?

– Do you want to increase results from your Pay-Per-Click campaigns?

– Do you want to organize content marketing campaigns?

– Do you want to increase email subscriptions or retargeting opportunities?

Rand Marketing can be your one-stop front-end management solution that delivers the power of internet marketing supported by cutting edge website design and development for customer acquisition and service to build strong customer loyalty.

Orderhive partners with Rand Marketing, why?

Orderhive supports the same purpose that Rand Marketing focuses on- i.e. offering innovative solutions and integrations to successfully run an online store.

Both, experienced in helping online sellers using Magento and WooCommerce platform, Orderhive is smartly partnering with solution providers to allow its existing customers gain access to the smartest solution for managing front-end solutions too.  And, Rand Marketing accommodating a brilliant creative team will help online sellers save money behind those unsuccessful online marketing campaigns and improve their store’s performance and revenue.

How will this partnership help sellers grow their online sales?

Allowing an ability to quickly connect with leading eCommerce solutions and smartly perform back-end operations, Orderhive is a no-brainer for online sellers- even if it means it will sometime compete with the companies it partners with. However, partnering with Rand Marketing not only makes Orderhive sticky and useful to online sellers but also will help struggling eCommerce owners gain Free Consultation and adopt successful techniques to attract audience and sales, both.

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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