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Shopping cart abandonment is one of the major problems that retailers must be facing in their e-commerce business. It may be attached to the unexpected cost of shipping or no express shipping available for the delivery of products. 

“A study found that 24% of shoppers have canceled their order because of slow delivery speeds.”

Reason for digital buyers to abandon their cartsSource 

If you are one of them facing such problems, then drop your worries and opt for overnight shipping. 

At times, you might be thinking of sending any of your packages in just one night to the desired destination on customer demand? The situation of sending some package urgently or in just one night always occurs with every retailer. What will you do in such a situation? No need to panic! As there is one quickest package delivery option available called Overnight Shipping. It will assure the overnight delivery of your package without any delay.

Overnight shipping

Overnight shipping


The meaning of overnight shipping is to complete the shipping process in one night. The definition of overnight shipping says it is such a delivery option that guarantees to deliver the customer’s package on the next business day. 

Overnight shipping is a good option when it comes to delivering items on an urgent basis. But there are several factors and processes that are attached to the whole overnight shipping process.

How does overnight shipping work

How does overnight shipping work

Usually, the shipments that are going to be delivered overnight get booked in the day-time. The packages get transported at night and complete the delivery on the very next day. The total time that an overnight shipment takes is around one night and some hours of the next day to reach the destination.

The overall cutoff time for overnight shipment is between 6.00 PM to 7.00 PM. There are many different types of shipping management companies available in the market that are providing overnight deliveries. If you are in the need to send a delivery at the weekend and that too overnight then you might have to pay extra charges for that. There may be some charges for fuel surcharges that any shipping company will take from you. 

Any courier company providing guaranteed services to deliver overnight shipping will do its best to deliver your packages on the very next day. The term guarantee here says that in any case if your courier is not shipped at the desired time then you will get a refund for your shipping fees.

Factors to consider while finding the overnight shipping cost

Factors to consider while finding the overnight shipping cost

  • Size of the shipment

The overall size of your shipment is the most important part of your shipment. The bigger will be your package, the more it will cost you for shipping. There is a huge importance to the size of your package for finding out the cost of your shipment. 

  • Shipment weight

The weight of your package is yet another reason for increasing the cost of your shipment. The more will be the weight of your shipment, the more money it will cost for shipping. The weight of the package is always greater than the actual DIM weight and it will be used for knowing the cost of your shipment.

  • Delivery speed 

The speed of the delivery is important to consider while finding the overnight shipping cost. There are many different overnight options available at different courier companies that you can benefit from. Even with the most affordable options available at the shipping companies, there are some companies that offer the fastest shipping with a money-back guarantee in case of a shipping delay. 

  • Dimensions of your package 

Package dimensions are calculated by identifying the length, width, and height of your package. You can calculate the dimensional weight by multiplying the length, width, and height of your package and then diving that whole number by a DIM divisor. The dimensional weight helps in finding out the overall shipping cost. 

  • Shipment zone 

The shipment zone is the actual distance between the source and destination of the package. Many carriers make use of shipping zones for calculating the cost of the shipping. The cost of the shipping zone can be calculated on the basis of where your order is going to be shipped. The cost of the shipping will increase depending on the shipping zone. The price will vary for overnight shipping considering shipping zones.

Top Benefits of Overnight Shipping

Top Benefits of Overnight Shipping

  • Customer Integrity

It is an old proverb that “Customer is King” and when you say it, you must take it seriously. Overnight shipping is beneficial for both parties i.e. shipping companies and customers. Keeping the stock always full and available as per customers’ demand will help to build customer loyalty. Speedy delivery is always the best way to gain customer’s trust and provide them with a satisfactory shipping experience. 

  • Less Shipping Cost 

Overnight shipping is less expensive when you are contacting local transportation services. If you are sending any of your packages out of state then it may cost more. Also, the out of stock item will be charged more for delivering it overnight and out of state. The local shipping services providers are much better and affordable for overnight shipping. Their services are best and always charge less shipping costs. 

  • User-friendly & convenient 

A much user-friendly and convenient option of delivery is the overnight delivery of products. It will not only fulfill your product demand for your company but will also deliver it to the destination fast and on-time. For example – if you are running any food-related business then you will get fresh food items in just one night. This will also not stop your business from working efficiently as you will get your package before you open your shop. This type of convenience is provided by overnight shipping to all types of companies depending on their requirements. 

  • Boost efficiency 

Overnight shipping services have a special spark in their way of working. They have the ability to deliver any package in just one night to the desired destination. This helps in increasing the overall efficiency of your business that will result in huge profits and enhanced brand reputation. Doing these types of daily activities will help your business to run smoothly and stand apart from the huge competition. 

  • Enhanced customer retention

Overnight shipping is the best way to deliver products to customers’ place in just one night. By delivering the best-in-class shipping services, more and more customers will choose your company for shipping purposes. With your sooner and quicker delivery services, you will be able to increase customer retention rates.

Best options for overnight delivery

Best options for overnight delivery


1. USPS (United States Postal Service)


United States Postal Services (USPS) are famous for their priority mail express type guaranteed shipping services. This is the most secure and best way for sending any kind of valuable or important packages to the destination in less time. USPS offers loyal and affordable overnight shipping services and has a track record of delivering products on-time. No matter what is the distance and weight of your product, USPS will always charge a cost-effective pricing structure for its customers. The pricing at USPS starts at $25.50 and no extra charge for weight up-to 70 pounds. All your packages are insured at $100.

2. FedEx



FedEx is considered as one of the best overnight shipping companies that deliver the packages very fast and in just one night. With FedEx, there will be no worries attached as your whole shipment will be handled by their team from start to finish. They offer guaranteed overnight delivery of your package that will reach you on the next business day. FedEx overnight shipping services start at $46.38 and the price may vary depending on the destination. FedEx offers three overnight shipping services at a maximum price of 150 pounds.

3. UPS



United Parcel Service (UPS) is the best overnight shipping service in the US. If you are looking for such kind of high warranty and express shipping services then you must choose UPS. They are well-known for offering many kinds of options and among all, one will definitely match your requirements. The important thing about UPS is that they are majorly involved in aircraft fleets all over the globe. Their overnight delivery service is famous by the name of UPS Next Day Air and its pricing starts from $30 to $63. All of the UPS overnight deliveries are tracked online.

4. Amazon 



Amazon is the biggest company serving the most secure and fast deliveries all over the world. If you are looking for overnight shipping services in the same country, then you will definitely be able to get the advantage of faster shipping in just one day. Now you might be thinking about the price of such awesome services because people always think that fast shipping will cause high pricing. But this is not true with Amazon as they have Amazon Prime Packages, you can benefit a lot. You just have to pay for prime packages annually and for one-day shipping, the delivery charges are $5.99 that too for goods below $35. In the higher pricing case, the pricing becomes zero as Amazon offers free shipping for high-value products. If you are not having the Amazon prime membership then also the price will be not much high that you can not afford i.e. $8.99 for per item of $0.99.


Online shopping has created a huge hype in the market by introducing new and innovative offers for customers. Today, the most imperative thing that people want is quick and fast delivery from enterprises. Shipping companies are taking a new storm by offering overnight shipping services for their valuable customers. You can get all these benefits of shipping products in just one night for the sake of customers’ business. In this article, we have tried to explain everything about overnight shipping and its cost. Hope you will find it fruitful!



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