How personalization can increase your ecommerce sales?

Running an e-commerce site, you know how important are customers for the success of your business. Simply, offering a good shopping experience to customers is not enough in today’s challenging world of e-commerce. In order to stand out from the crowd and drive in more traffic to your store you need to adopt personalization strategies.

Personalization is the latest trend in the world of e-commerce. Offering a personalized experience to customers is a smart way to retain your existing ones as well as capture anonymous online visitors and convert them to loyal ones. There are many ways to do it, and many retailers have already adopted this method in their marketing strategy. According to info graphics – from the view of e-commerce business owners who have already implemented personalization strategies, 67% amongst them have shown an increase in conversion rates, 54% of retailers have experienced an increase in the average value of orders and 53 % have noted an increase in return shoppers. With these statistics I’m sure you got a little idea as how personalization can increase your e-commerce sales.

Let’s dive in some proven potential tactics of personalization that will give you an edge in keeping shoppers visiting your site and making purchases.

1 – Track and utilize previous purchase history and shopper navigation

In order to invite customers back to your site, it becomes important for you to know what they like. Because, if you know what your customers like – you can easily infuse a personalization strategy. Therefore, infusing a tracking tool in your website, you can analyze your customers previous purchase history as well know your shoppers browsing pattern. Doing this, you can suggest products to them in a personalized way as explained in the following points below.

2 – Offer discounts codes

Similar to an offline store, your customers have a browsing pattern on your website. These visitors usually browse and purchase for products they are interested in. Knowing their browsing pattern you can offer personalized discount coupons for them  – your loyal customers who made several purchase from your site or customers who has added products to the cart but have not completed their purchases. The more pampered they feel, the better chances they are to revisit and recommend you to others. This way you automatically increase potential sales opportunities for your e-commerce business.

3 – Email Acquisition

Take an advantage of tools such as email re targeting or triggered email campaigns. These tools will make for one of the most potential source for personalization strategy. Ensure that your email re targeting tools can be customized according to the behavior of almost every (registered) user that lands on your website.

Some effective ideas

– Your email re targeting campaign tool should be tailored in way that when you receive an email address from the user, the tool should immediately shoot an introductory email that should include a short description about your company, shipping, and payment policies in a personalized way. This way you create trust in their mind which automatically will entice them to visit and shop from your site immediately. Also, remember to track these customers after a week and if you realize that the user hasn’t made a purchase within a week, take another call. Shoot a second email with a promotional discount coupon code that they can use in their first purchase. Implementing this idea, your e-commerce sales will automatically increase.

–  For those users who land on your website and browses multiple products but does not add any of them to the cart, ensure that your email re targeting tool immediately shoots an email to the user’s inbox  that features top sellers from the ones they have viewed. Doing this you not only remind them of their need but you also narrow down their selection while offering interesting options. This way they will surely get attracted to your site and shop for products they were interested earlier.

– In scenarios when a user browses for products they intend to purchase, adds them to their cart but does complete the purchase, your tool should post a reminder email to user’s inbox to complete their purchase. Also, you can include small discounts – offering 5% discount if they complete the purchase within 24 hours. This way you attract them to make a purchase immediately in order to make use of the discount.

4 – Customize your website in real-time as per shoppers navigation

As mentioned in the first point, it is very important for you to infuse a website behavioral tracking tool if you want to create a powerful personalized marketing strategy. Because interacting to users in a personal way one-by-one is time-taking and you may lose many potential customers. Having a website tracking tool in place, you can easily customize your website and offer a personalized shopping experience in real-time. For instance, if customer lands on your website and browses a range of men’s jeans adding one or two to their cart. And, immediately the customers searches for a blue shirt. Your tool should be tailored to understand keywords according to the users requirement and pop relevant products at the top of the search results. This way you save the customer’s time and increase engagement which will automatically make the customer shop for more.

5 – Personalize through mobile

What could be the most personal thing for us today? Mobile! Yes, mobile is a device that we are addicted to, day and night. Personalization through mobile will bring a personal touch amongst your customers, but ensure you don’t bombard them with multiple messages or ads in a single day. Implement mobile marketing strategy, as today many of us use mobiles to browse and shop from online stores. Offering them a personalized attention through offers and recommendation on their mobile devices – you  increase customer’s engagement drastically which in turn will boost your e-commerce sales.

6 – Improve packaging

In-store customer experience is very important but not an end. Offering after-sale experience should also be valued. Your product packaging is one of the source that can determine your repeat customers. It’s better to make your own customized packaging using used material. This will not only enhance the customer’s order and cut down packaging cost but will also offer a personal touch. Increase customer loyalty by adding discount coupons or promotional discount codes attached with a feedback form and a return policy. Doing this you attract users to revisit and shop from your site, increase engagement asking them to fill the feedback form and ensure them a free return, if any damaged or wrong products delivered.

In Closing

Personalization is a powerful marketing tool and currently the hottest trend in the world of e-commerce. Implementing this marketing strategy following the above points you will build better long-term relationships, improve shoppers experience and increase e-commerce sales like never before!

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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