Orderhive Enterprise

All-in-one enterprise cloud based eCommerce fulfillment software with advance features.

Orderhive enterprise order & inventory software supports custom workflows, advance features, tailored reporting, APIs integrations, unlimited orders & SKUs, 99% uptime and blazing fast speed.

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Why Orderhive Enterprise?

Orderhive Enterprise is here to make your life easier. Reduce your operational costs and grow your business with our enterprise inventory management software that’s tailored to your business needs.

Fully Customizable

Orderhive Enterprise is tailored to suit your business needs and workflow. From integrating a new channel to adding more features, Orderhive Enterprise is customized to do everything you need, so all you have to worry about is fulfilling your orders.

Private Cloud

Your Orderhive Enterprise account is hosted on its very own a private cloud, and you get a dedicated account manager who’s responsible for managing your server and taking care of your questions and queries.

99.99% Uptime

Never worry about server issues or downtime again. Orderhive Enterprise’s fast-loading backend system and unlimited bandwidth ensures the highest uptime. Even with additional features and tools, every page of your platform is optimized to ensure maximum speed and performance, no matter your work volume.

Unlimited 24*7 support

Your business doesn’t sleep, and neither do we. No matter the time of day or night, our e-commerce consultants and technical support team are on hand to give you total support. Whether it’s answering your questions or helping with your platform implementation, our friendly support staff will be right there with you.

Business intelligence & analytics

With big data analytics applied at every stage of your online retail journey, Orderhive Enterprise provides you with all the insights, intelligence, and custom reports that you need to tweak and improve your business’ performance.

Unlimited bandwith & Security

Get peace of mind that all your data and information is secure. The Orderhive Enterprise security team conducts regular vulnerability scans, testing, virus scans, spam filtering, and more, to give you peace of mind that all your data and information is safe and secure.

Orderhive Enterprise is used by top Brands around the world

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Success Stories

We love hearing from you. Let’s have a look at how other companies are using Orderhive Enterprise for all their inventory control and shipping needs, and growing their business.

Byju’s, The Learning App

Byju’s, The Learning App

See how an automated order management system enabled Byju’s to achieve 90% fulfillment rate & save 100 man-hours per week.


See how Orderhive Enterprise enables Freeletics to exchange data between multiple channels and 3PL system


Read how Smytten is using Orderhive for easy inventory and order management.


See how Orderhive helped HealthifyMe to save 70% of their time by eliminating the process of manually handling their core business processes.
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Got any questions about our enterprise inventory management system? Here are some of the common ones we get about how you can use Orderhive Enterprise to reduce your operational costs and grow your business, your way.

Do you offer trial of Orderhive Enterprise?

No, we don’t. Orderhive Enterprise is a customized solution that’s developed to your requirements. To run an initial analysis, feel free to explore Orderhive during our 15-day Free Trial period and examine what types of customization you need.

How much does Orderhive Enterprise cost?

There’s no fixed pricing for Orderhive Enterprise. The cost entirely depends on your requirements and what we develop for you. Once you send us your requirements our team of analysts and developers will prepare a proposal highlighting the timeframe and cost.

How much time does it take to implement Orderhive Enterprise?

We understand that you want a solution in a short time to maintain your business’ efficient, so we take this expectation into consideration and propose a timeline that works for you. However, the exact delivery time will depend on the extent of the customization you require.

Can I cancel my Orderhive Enterprise account?

Yes, you can cancel Orderhive Enterprise account anytime by giving 30 days of notice period to the Orderhive team. Data in the Orderhive Enterprise account is your property so we provide all data backups before closing your account in the required format.

If you’ve got any further questions, queries, or comments, drop our Customer Service Team a line.

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