Preparing your store for Black Friday: Do’s and Don’ts

The irony behind Black Friday, is not being an official holiday yet records as one of the biggest selling days of the year and is considered to be one of the major selling days for retailers.

To make clear, Black Friday is a day after Thanksgiving that is one of the major holidays celebrated in Canada and The United States.

Last year, Black Friday recorded as a strong spending day with $1.66 billion in desktop sales jumps 10% from Black Friday 2014.

With the upcoming Holiday Season around the corner, there are chances of missing out on the most crucial areas that can help you boost performance on Black Friday 2016.

Last-minute checklist that you can consider, firstly some don’ts

I- You would not like to miss on mobile shoppers

Mobile is seen to be increasing the number of online shoppers on Black Friday as shown in the report created by Statista.

Black Friday Mobile shopping

We are at a stage where shoppers from across the globe can access product information as per their choices and make purchases from their smartphones.

Brands that offer mobile-optimized sites for making purchases have surely benefited from the increasing number of online sales on Black Friday. However, for those who have overlooked the importance of a mobile presence during Holiday Season will automatically lose potential shoppers who mostly constantly look-up for the latest deals and offers for their favorite products over their mobile device.

Effective mobile-targeting tactic from a leading brand

KOHL’S is a popular American retail store that is allowing its mobile shoppers to access Black Friday Deals already starting from today.

Helping their customers to gain updates on the best deals via a weekly mailer, KOHL’S app is making it easy for shoppers to access money-saving Black Friday deals/gifts and shop from the tip of the finger.

What you can do?

Creating an excitement among Holiday shoppers by allowing them an opportunity to access special deals and offers over their phones well-in-advance can ensure they cling to your site and make purchases during the best selling days of the year.

II- Don’t overlook the importance of deals on best selling items

As of October 2015, a report by Statista showcases popular online categories that are sorted by the shares of internet users who purchased products online.

Statista 2

What you can do?

You may deal with a variety of best-selling products, therefore considering the importance of each category and targeting audience with relevant deals and discounts can help you gain a competitive advantage over other retailers who may offer a standard discount percentage on most of their products, same for all customers, making it look uninteresting.

Next, things you need to keep in mind to get your store Black Friday-ready

I- Considering Stock

Considering a day following Thanksgiving, retailers from across the globe would ensure they are stocked with sufficient products for Black Friday and the regular weekend falling after that. However, with the rush of sales orders along with Thanksgiving day, there are chances when a retailer can go low on stock to fulfil potential customers demand for the next day on Black Friday and beyond.

What you can do?

Adopting inventory management software, retailers can easily sync all their products details at one place, allowing them to track stock levels in real-time. So in the case of rush days or holidays, business owners can create low-stock alerts for the best selling products to ensure they are sufficiently stocked and eliminate the risks of losing sales opportunities that hit your store.

II- Considering information

Black Friday is considered to be the best day for shoppers to access their favorite products and send holiday gifts. With hundreds and thousands of retailers offering exclusive deals, how can you attract holiday shoppers towards to make purchases from your brand?

– Get your listing theme correct

Offering the same product listing as per the regular days may not excite customers even if you offer the best combo deals or competitive price.

Considering the popular online marketplace offers a Special Black Friday theme page for its customers.

Amazon Black Friday Deal

With this, apart from bringing a feeling of joy you can allow shoppers to easily gain access to the best deals and discount offers from one place instead of jumping to multiple pages for finding information and products they wish to purchase.

Email marketing can be another informative tool to keep customers informed about your Black Friday deals. You can also encourage loyal customers with exclusive discounts an opportunity to hold them back to avail the benefits of shopping from your store.

III- Considering purchase transaction

Like any other retailer, you may come up with promotional discounts and coupon codes especially designed for Black Friday shoppers. If they have to struggle or miss out on using those benefits while making purchases, can spoil your customer’s Holiday mood.

I’m sure you would not like that to happen even in your wildest dream too!

What you can do?

Retailers with mobile app presence can find it easy to send alerts to their discount coupon and codes and benefit money-saving offers in their purchases on-the-go. In the case of mobile optimized website, retailers can be loud about their special Black Friday discounts and deals on the website, as well as, over popular social media sites to encourage instant action for making purchases.

Closing note

Black Friday is considered to be the busiest selling days of the year for retailers, therefore, focusing on the above can help you avoid pitfalls and ensure an influential shopping experience to customers for Black Friday 2016 and beyond.

Happy Selling 🙂

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes

Savio Fernandes is a writer who influences. Writing for over three years at Orderhive, he is currently focused in offering eCommerce and retail solutions for start-ups and medium business owners.

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