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October 5, 2018

Add suppliers to your Orderhive account in one go by simply uploading an excel sheet

Adding multiple suppliers to your Orderhive account now becomes a single click task. You no more need to add suppliers one-by-one, hence much of your time is saved. Simply download the template, fill in supplier details in given format and Import to Orderhive. Once done, you can see all added suppliers on Supplier page.



Here’s how to use ‘Import Suppliers In Bulk’ feature:

(Orderhive account) Select Suppliers -> Click on Import -> Download template -> Fill supplier details in the downloaded sheet -> Upload by drag & drop or browsing -> Click Import -> (you will receive a notification and log file on completion)

‘Import Suppliers In Bulk’ new feature feature champion:

Developer Image

Drasty Solanki

Full Stack Developer

Developer Image

Mayank Jain

Full Stack Developer

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