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May 20, 2019

After orders & purchases, Orderhive users can now organise shipments in folder system too!

Orderhive brings to you an easier way to organize shipments, by letting you create folders as desired and grouping shipments into them. You can now see a new folder-wise structure for shipments, where you can create multiple folders other than the default common folder. You can simply select and move shipment/s (single or bulk) to desired folders.


Here’s how organize Shipments in folders in Orderhive:



Add folders: (Orderhive account) Shipments → ‘+’ Add Folders → Name → Create



Move shipments: (Orderhive account) Shipments → Select Shipments/ → More → Move To → Select Folder → Move

"Shipment folders’ new feature champion:

Developer Image

Kruti Raval

Full Stack Developer

Developer Image

Savan Matariya

Full Stack Developer

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