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May 30, 2019

Any order processing error related to Shipstation and Quickbooks will now be shown on the order detail page

Sellers using Orderhive will now be able to know the specific reasons for any error in shipment processing at Shipstation and invoice processing at Quickbooks. So if your shipments weren’t pushed through Shipstation or if your invoicing is held at Quickbooks, you can find the status of respective orders highlighted in a red shadow with the specific reason; so that allows you to rectify as needed. The error message will be visible for orders in the ‘To Confirm’ and ‘To Ship’ stages, also including ‘Partially Shipped’ orders.


Note: Please note errors from Shipstation can be resolved using the ‘Retry’ option. However, the same is not available for QB.


Here’s how you can know which orders have an error:

(Orderhive account) Orders→ Select order → The error message will be displayed as below:



New feature champion:

Developer Image

Niyati Patel

Full Stack Developer

Developer Image

Himadri Dhingani

Full Stack Developer

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