Automation New Trigger: Order Added to Picklist


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The name of the new trigger is “Order Added to Picklist.”


The trigger starts when the order is added to the picklist while creating it and then allows you to set conditions like payment status, store, etc. so that you can add information and take actions according to the order’s situation.


For example, if you want to set a condition regarding the payment of the product then you can choose the payment status as the condition and subsequently add the tasks you want to execute.


Let’s learn how to activate the trigger and set conditions.


First, click on the automate button on your console and then go to new automation.


You will see a list of new automation updated by orderhive, as shown in the image below.


Now click on the “add trigger” button below the Start When tab.





After clicking on the Add trigger button, click on the automation trigger – “Order Added to Picklist.” 

You will see a flowchart and set of conditions. You can select the required set of requirements from the list of the conditions provided when you click on the tab below IF as shown below.



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