Integration: BOL Marketplace is now live on Orderhive


All features in. No credit card required.

Exciting news for users who are currently using or are planning to use the BOL marketplace. Orderhive now lets you seamlessly integrate your BOL marketplace store to your Orderhive account.


On clicking the “Bol” on the integration page, you will see the following screen:



As seen in the image, users will be able to choose from three different options:


  1. Fulfillment by Bol (FBB)
  2. Fulfillment by Retailer (FBR)
  3. Fulfillment by both Bol & Retailer


You can select your preferred fulfillment type while adding the store name and other details. Once you’ve added all the details, click on “Done” to your Bol store to Orderhive.

The star developers

Developer Image

Akshay Tukadiya

Software Engineer

Developer Image

Dhruven Shah

Associate Software Engineer

Developer Image

Ridham Modh

Associate Software Engineer

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