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December 19, 2018

Build your own custom packing slip template for smart shipping

Packing slip is an important document that you physically attach to your shipment for easy identification of items inside it by your customers. And with Orderhive, you can now create your own packing slip design or template that is synonymous with your brand or business. And you can customize as many templates as you want, and choose and print appropriately while shipping.



Here is how to build ‘Custom Packing Slip Template’:
(Orderhive account) Settings -> Shipping -> Click on ‘Create Packing Slip Template’ -> Select fields and fill in details -> Preview & Save -> (Choose from templates while printing packing slips)

'Custom Packing Slip Template Builder' new feature champion:

Developer Image

Kruti Raval

Full Stack Developer

Developer Image

Savan Matariya

Full Stack Developer

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