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If you use Faire’s marketplace to sell your offerings, we’ve got good news for you. Now you can manage all your Faire orders within Cin7 Orderhive.

To connect your Faire account, go to our integration page and within the marketplace section, select “”


To connect your Faire account with Cin7 Orderhive, you’ll require an “Application Key” from Faire. You can easily avail that by contacting their customer support. 

Application Key
Once you receive the key, you can enter that in the column. On top of that, you can enter details about your store’s name as well as the email address to receive notifications about any errors. You can also allocate a warehouse to fulfill Faire orders.

fulfill Faire orders

Once you successfully activate the Faire integration, you can decide the details to push from Cin7 Orderhive to Faire. You can push stock quantity updates, price updates, order status updates, and more. 

stock quantity updates

Once you’ve successfully integrated Faire, here’s what you can achieve with Cin7 Orderhive:


Managing Orders Placed at Faire

Whenever you receive an order at Faire, you’ll be able to check its details from the “Order” section. This way, you can manage all your orders from a centralized location.


Seamless Inventory Syncing

Cin7 Orderhive automatically fetches all the inventory details from your Faire account. So whenever you process orders, your inventory levels get adjusted accordingly. On top of that, when you add new products, their quantity, price, and SKU will also be synced.


Sharing Shipment Updates

You can effortlessly manage the shipping for your orders thanks to the integrations we have with the 3PL providers and shipping carriers. Once you confirm the shipping, Cin7 Orderhive pushes all the shipping information to the Faire account. This way, your customers can easily check the details.


Updating Price and Quantity

If you wish to update the price or the product quantity, you don’t need to log into your Faire account. You can directly perform the changes from Cin7 Orderhive, which will be updated in real-time.

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