Now Connect Your ShipBob 3PL Account To Cin7Orderhive Seamlessly


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Continuing with our endless pursuit of providing our users with the best of integrations, Cin7Orderhive is pleased to announce that our users who utilise ShipBob’s 3PL and other logistics services will now be able to integrate their ShipBob account with their Cin7Orderhive.

Here are some of the things you can do once you integrate your Shipbob account into Cin7Orderhive.


Send Confirmed Orders from Orderhive to ShipBob

Orderhive to Shipbob


Once an order has been marked as ‘confirmed’ in your Cin7Orderhive account, you can send it to ShipBob by adding a tag to it, as shown in the image.

Note: You can assign any name to the tag but for your own convenience, we recommend that you name it “ShipBob”.


Sync Your Products from Your ShipBob Account to Cin7Orderhive in Real Time

If you’ve created multiple products in your ShipBob account, you don’t have to create them again in your Cin7Orderhive account. Upon integration, Cin7Orderhive will fetch all your product details from your ShipBob account and keep syncing them in real time.


Automatically Update Order Status in Your ShipBob Account When An Order is Cancelled

Automatically Update Order Status in Your ShipBob Account When An Order is Cancelled


When a confirmed order, that is due to be shipped, is cancelled, its status changes to ‘cancelled’. With the help of automation, you can update the status of your orders in your ShipBob accounts without any manual intervention.


As the image shows, the automation is quite easy to set up. In case you run into any issues, please feel free to contact us right away and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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