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December 19, 2018

Create or update product bundles in one go by simply importing an Excel file into Orderhive

With this new feature, it is now possible to add or update product bundles in Orderhive by simply importing an excel sheet. You only need to fill in all necessary product bundle details in the predetermined format and upload it by ‘import’ feature. Hence, Orderhive users do not have to add individual bundles, but in bulk. Similarly, the existing bundles can be updated or modified using the excel file.



Here is how to ‘Create or Update Bundle by Import’
(Orderhive account) -> Products -> Click on ‘Import’ -> Select ‘Create/Update Bundle’ -> (Download template, fill in details & save file) -> Upload file -> Click on ‘Import’

‘Create or Update Bundle by Import’ new feature champion:

Developer Image

Vicky Thakor

Full Stack Developer

Developer Image

Raj Saraogi

Full Stack Developer

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