Introducing “Customer Portal”


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What is “Customer Portal”?

Orderhive introduces a new feature in the settings module that allows you to add and create new portal users.  The customer portal allows you to give access to the user in a limited way.  The functionality majorly helps big enterprises or businesses to give limited access to its subsidiaries or retailers and offline stores and franchises.



What you can do with the Customer Portal?

The customer portal feature helps you to do many things, here are some of them –


  • Add new Portal User from setting module
  • Assign Stores and Warehouse to the Portal User
  • Give access to the portal user to view orders of assigned stores and add comments and tag to orders
  • Portal users can view products and the number of products of the stores and warehouses assigned to them 
  • The users can import products to assigned custom stores only
  • Portal Users create a stock transfer for the main user’s default warehouse and view All Stock Transfer created by himself


Let’s see where you can find the customer portal in Orderhive –


Click on settings and scroll down and there in the end you will find the customer portal feature.



Click on the customer portal and after that, you will have to follow the steps to create your own custom URL for



You can also add new portal users by clicking on the link below that says – Add New Portal User as shown in the above screenshot.


After you click on the add new portal user you will then have to enter information about the new portal user like the name and email address. You can also select the stores and warehouses you want to grant permission to the portal user.




The star developers

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Himadri Dhingani

Full Stack Developer

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Indrajit Rathod

Full Stack Developer

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