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October 12, 2018

Customize your emails with the new Custom Email Template Builder

The new Email Settings in Orderhive allows you to send customized emails to your end users with any type of personalisation required as per your business requirements. In email settings, you can customize outgoing email templates for Invoice, Order, Dropshipping and Payment Link OR use default Standard email templates. Simply select from those templates while sending emails. Orderhive will be sending emails to your customers with the address ‘’, while you will receive replies on the email address you input in the ‘Reply To’ field.



Here’s how to use ‘Custom Email Template Builder’

(Orderhive account) Settings -> Emails -> Click on ‘+’ sign adjacent to any email template for customization -> Input details -> Save -> {Choose from any relevant template (standard or customized) while sending emails}

'Custom Email Template Builder' new feature champion:

Developer Image

Harsh Shah

Full Stack Developer

Developer Image

Mihir Shah

Full Stack Developer

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