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3 weeks ago

Integration: Introducing Catch Marketplace


What is Catch?

Established in 2006, Catch is an Australian based e-commerce marketplace that is a part of the Catch Group. Catch turned out to be a leading Australian e-commerce website with a huge spectrum of products.



Why is Catch integrated with Orderhive?

Having ample amounts of options can never go out of fashion. Keeping this in mind, Catch Marketplace is recently integrated with Orderhive. Catch has over 13,000 branded products across different categories including health & lifestyle, home decor, fashion, accessories, sportswear, groceries, and many others.


The giant Australian Marketplace witnesses about 450,000 visits and 8,000 orders in a day. An item is sold every 2.8 seconds in Catch. All these facts are just fancy ways of saying that this continent is within your reach now. For anyone looking forward to expanding their retail business in Australia, Catch is the perfect marketplace for them.



How to integrate Catch with Orderhive?

To integrate “Catch Marketplace” with Orderhive, follow the following steps:


  • Open your Orderhive account. In the left-hand side’s modules section, scroll down to the Integrate module. Click on that.
  • Once you are on the “Manage Integrations” section, click on “Marketplaces.”



  • Click on the “Catch” logo.
  • Follow the 5 easy on-screen instructions and there you go. Catch will be successfully integrated with Orderhive.




The star developers

Developer Image

Himani Shah

Sr. PHP Developer

Developer Image

Mahesh Tahilramani

Software Engineer

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