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March 5, 2020

Integration: Introducing ‘Runit’

What is ‘Runit’?

Since 1992, Runit Systems has worked hand-in-hand with apparel, footwear, and sports retailers, first in New York City, and ultimately around the world, to develop and deliver the industry’s fastest, most comprehensive and flexible POS & Inventory Management system. Through many evolutions and more than two decades of learning from its merchant users, Runit continued to deliver a fully integrated retail management and multi-channel system that is as comfortable with one hundred stores as with three, and with any combination of physical and virtual locations.

Why is ‘Runit’ integrated with Orderhive?

Runit is a POS and Inventory Management System. In case, if any particular seller is using Runit, all the products sold and scanned at checkout – the inventory for the same will be updated only in the Runit inventory management system. This limits to your specific storefront or brick-n-mortar store (manages a common inventory).

But if you are selling with more than one inventory or warehouse and that too on more than one online marketplace or brick-n-mortar store, Runit limits. Integration with Orderhive offers the Runit users to simply not limit their sales and inventory management to a particular software, but widen the reach.

As you log in to your Orderhive account, amongst all the modules listed on the left-hand side, you will see a module of “Integrations”. Click on that.

Once you click on “Integrations”, go to “Webstore”, and there you will find Runit.

Simply click on Runit and you will be asked to follow some steps (as shown in the image below), and you are all set with your Runit account integrated with Orderhive.

Click on ‘Get Stores’ and you are all sorted with Runit!

The Star Developers...

Developer Image

Kiran Shahdadpuri

Full Stack Developer

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Prem Parmar

Software Engineer

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