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3 weeks ago

Integration: Introducing Turn14



Turn 14, a US-based warehouse distributor. They have real-time inventory tracking, most accurate forecasting, and a dedicated customer support department, allowing companies to cut lead times.


The goal of turn14 distributors is to provide companies with solutions to succeed in the modern marketplace i.e., providing sales, marketing, and post-sales support.



Why Turn14 is integrated with Orderhive?

We at Orderhive believe in providing ample amounts of choices to our customers. So that they aren’t forced to opt for a solution, they don’t wish too.


With a 721,000 sq ft of distribution facility, turn 14 is yet another fulfillment option at our customer’s disposal that has a ground shipping coverage of 43% of the US population in one day and 100% within two days.



How to integrate Turn14 with Orderhive?

Kindly follow the steps below, and turn14 will be integrated with Orderhive in no time.


  • Open your Orderhive account. In the left-hand side’s modules section, scroll down to the Integrate module. Click on that.



  • Once you are on the “Manage Integrations” section, click on “Fulfillment”
  • Click on the “Turn14” logo



  • Follow the easy 8 steps instructions and your turn14 account will be integrated with Orderhive in no time.


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Savan Matariya

Full Stack Developer

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Brijesh Darji

Full Stack Developer

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