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3 weeks ago

Integration: Introducing Vtex Marketplace

What is Vtex?

Founded in 2000, Vtex allows retailers and B2B manufacturers to collaborate with their sellers and grow their business by launching their own marketplace.



Why Vtex is integrated with Orderhive?

At orderhive, we are focussed on providing a unified platform for all your marketplaces at one place. Keeping that in mind, the team here decided to offer a plethora of options through which our customers can benefit the maximum. With the newly integrated Vtex marketplace, you can now have more product reach than usual.  Vtex marketplace is a hub of nearly 2500+ sellers in over 30 different countries.



How to integrate Vtex with Orderhive?


To integrate Vtex with Orderhive follow the following steps:


  • Open your Orderhive account. In the left hand side’s modules section, scroll down to the Integrate module. Click on that.



  • Once you are on “Manage Integrations” section, click on “Marketplaces”
  • Click on the “Vtex” logo 
  • Follow the easy on-screen instructions and there you go. Vtex will be successfully integrated with Orderhive.



The star developers

Developer Image

Deepak Singh

Full Stack Developer

Developer Image

Kiran Shahdadpuri

Full Stack Developer

Developer Image

Trushit Shekhda

Software Engineer

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