January 16, 2020

Integrations: Introducing ‘Fruugo’

The prior objective of Fruugo is to simplify buying products from all over the globe. It’s a marketplace mainly focussing on the products belonging to the sports & leisure niche, electricals, gardening, etc.

For the retailers staying in the US, who prefer to sell their products majorly on Fruugo – the online marketplace, there’s good news. Orderhive has recently come up with an add-on or integration to Fruugo.

How can you add Fruugo to your Orderhive? Simply follow the below-mentioned steps.

Integrations → Marketplaces → Fruugo


As soon as you click on ‘Fruugo’ in the list of the applications, steps to get integrated will be displayed.


Being a retailer, you need to synchronize your account with the one integrated with Orderhive. Simply click on the Fruugo icon, enter your account credentials i.e. your username and password.

Before you plan to feed in the details of your Fruugo warehouse in Orderhive, make sure that you decide which one is a default warehouse and which other ones you wish to add. Once this is done, select your required ‘Stock Update Policy’ as well.

You will then be guided to an option to synchronize the orders and their dates. Once all of this is done, click on ‘Done’.

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