New feature to copy & assign same shipping preset to bulk orders goes Live!


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Creating shipping labels for bulk orders with same shipping specifications gets even more faster and easier. Now you can simply copy shipping preset to all orders in the mass shipping list. All you need is to select orders in bulk, assign shipping preset to one and then simply ‘copy’ shipping preset selection to all orders.



Here’s how to ‘copy & assign shipping preset to bulk orders’ in Orderhive:

(Orderhive account) Orders → Select orders to be shipped → Ship → Select shipping preset for one order → Click on adjoining ‘copy’ sign → Add warehouse, shipper & weight details → Done

‘Copy & assign shipping preset to bulk orders’ new feature champion:

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Kruti Raval

Full Stack Developer

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Upma Kanswa

Upma Kanswa

Observer of small things. Hasn’t been able to choose between mountains and beaches yet. Chose written words to express herself. Writes and edits for Orderhive, which is simple & smart inventory management software.

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