October 22, 2019

New Signup: Introducing The New On-boarding Procedure

Earlier, whenever there used to be a new registration for Orderhive, the user was straight away taken to the software dashboard. There have been many cases where the user couldn’t really understand the interface of Orderhive, and we (Orderhive) were not able to personalize the software for the user.


Once this was understood, the Orderhive team came up with a concept of guiding the first-time user to the software, gathering as much data from the user as possible. Here, not the user, but the Orderhive team wanted to understand why exactly did the customer choose this software. The step-by-step guide is shown below:


As soon as a user registers on Orderhive, this screen pops-up.

Here, the user specifies his/her preferences on the software.



Once the preferences are specified, the Orderhive team will ask you to book a demo, wherein you can choose a date and a time-slot as per your convenience.

After the date and time are selected, click on “Confirm”.




Just 2 more minutes, Orderhive won’t ask all of this again 🙂 A pinch of your name and some details, and you’re all set to use Orderhive!






You will be redirected to the software after all these steps are finished.

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