September 10, 2018

Now assign suppliers to products in bulk in new Orderhive

Purchases and reordering stock now becomes much easier with Orderhive 2.0. Instead of assigning supplier to each product individually, Orderhive users can now assign suppliers to products in bulk. It is also possible to record supplier’s SKU and other details with reorder quantity in a given excel template that can be imported/exported.



Here is how you can use ‘Assign Suppliers In Bulk’ feature :

(Orderhive account) -> Go to Products -> Click on ‘Import’ tab in bottom bar -> Select ‘Import/Update Supplier’ from drop-down -> Select ‘Export From Here’ in the pop-up window -> Input necessary details in downloaded file -> Drag and drop updated file in the pop-up window -> Click ‘Import’

'Assign Suppliers In Bulk' new feature champion:

Developer Image

Vicky Thakor

Full Stack Developer

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