Now identify possible fraud orders with easy tagging automation.


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With powerful automation being the core of Orderhive, you can now easily identify possible fraud orders and verify or check tagged orders before they are being processed. So for e.g., if there are high chances of an order of large size being a fraudulent one, you can add automation that triggers to tags those orders as ‘possible fraud’ as soon as they are received.



Here is how to ‘add automation to identify possible fraud orders’:

(Orderhive account) Automation → Add new automation → Add automation name → Select trigger (Order is created) → Set conditions (for eg: Order count more than 10 in last 1 hour) → Select action (Add order tag ‘possible fraud’)

‘Order tagging automation’ new feature champion:

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Harsh Shah

Full Stack Developer

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Upma Kanswa

Upma Kanswa

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