June 22, 2018

Now integrate Amazon Australia as your marketplace with Orderhive 2.0!

For the popular demand, Orderhive 2.0 is now handy to integrate your inventory with Amazon Australia. You can now sync your inventory, orders, shipping & accounts from Amazon Australia with your existing Amazon selling channels as well as other market places. All of this is possible on your existing Orderhive dashboard.



Here is how you can easily add Amazon Australia:

  • Click on ‘Integrations’ in the main menu
  • Click on ‘Add Integration’
  • Select ‘Amazon’
  • Select ‘Country’: Australia ( and Select ‘Fulfilment Type’
  • Complete the ‘Adding Amazon’ process

If you are using Orderhive trial software, and were looking specifically for Amazon Australia integration, we are sure this addition is going to be of great purpose to you.

Now monitor channel-wise sales & inventory levels, cut down over-stocking and stock-out cases, sync inventories at Amazon Australia as well as all your existing selling channels.

'Amazon Australia' new feature champion

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Twinkle Soni

Full Stack Developer

Developer Image

Kiran Shahdadpuri

Full Stack Developer